Benjamin West

''Self Portrait of Benjamin West'', c. 1763 Benjamin West (October 10, 1738 – March 11, 1820) was an American-born artist, who painted famous historical scenes such as ''The Death of Nelson'', ''The Death of General Wolfe'', and ''Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky''.

Entirely self-taught, West soon gained valuable patronage, and he toured Europe, eventually settling in London. He impressed George III and was largely responsible for the launch of the Royal Academy, of which he became the second president (after Sir Joshua Reynolds). He was appointed historical painter to the court and Surveyor of the King's Pictures.

West also painted religious subjects, as in his huge work ''The Preservation of St Paul after a Shipwreck at Malta'', at the Chapel of St Peter and St Paul in Greenwich, and ''Christ Healing the Sick'', presented to the National Gallery. Provided by Wikipedia

by West, Benjamin
Published 1793
Printed by Thomas Cadell, printer to the Royal Academy

by West, Benjamin
Published 1792
Printed for, and sold by the shop-keepers in town and country

by West, Benjamin
Published 1780
printed for the author, by Thomas Dicey; and sold by T. Evans, London; and T. Clay, in Daventry

by West, Benjamin
Published 1760
printed by R. Brown, in Windmill-Court, near Christ's ... for P. Davey and B. Law, in Ave-Mary-Lane, and J. Lacy, at Northampton

by West, Benjamin
Published 1773
Printed and sold by Mills and Hicks, at their printing-office, in School-Street, next to Cromwell's Head Tavern, (Price seven coppers single, and three and four pence the dozen.)

by West, Benjamin
Published 1777
Printed by E. Russell, at his printing office, late the Bell-Tavern. (Pr. 12s per dozen and 1s 6d. single.)

by West, Benjamin
Published 1778
Printed by E. Russell, next the Bell-Tavern. (Price 24s. per dozen, and 3s single.)

by West, Benjamin
Published 1774
Printed and sold by Mills and Hicks, at their printing-office, in School-Street, next to Cromwell's-Head Tavern. (Price three and four pence the dozen, and seven coppers single.)

by West, Benjamin
Published 1771
Printed by John Fleeming, and to be sold at his shop in King-Street, opposite the south-door of the Town-House

by West, Benjamin
Published 1774
Printed by Mills and Hicks, at their printing-office in School-Street, next door to Cromwell's-Head

by West, Benjamin
Published 1763
Printed and sold by William Goddard, at the printing-office near the Great Bridge

by West, Benjamin
Published 1765
Printed and sold by Sarah and William Goddard, at the Post-office. --Sold also by sundry shopkeepers in different parts of New-England

by Gleason, Ezra
Published 1783
Printed and sold by Isaiah Thomas. Sold also, by B. Edes & Sons, printers, E. Battelle, and W. Green, booksellers, in Boston
Other Authors: '; ...West, Benjamin...

by Gleason, Ezra
Published 1784
by Isaiah Thomas. (Price 40 s. per gross. 4 s. per dozen. Six-pence single.)
Other Authors: '; ...West, Benjamin...

by Stearns, Samuel
Published 1787
[Printed and sold, wholesale and retail, by John Mycall at Newbury-port. [sic]
Other Authors: '; ...West, Benjamin...

by Daboll, Nathan
Published 1782
Printed and sold by E. Russell, near Liberty-Stump
Other Authors: '; ...West, Benjamin...

by Pope, Amos
Published 1791
Printed by E. Russell, cheap to travelling-traders, &c
Other Authors: '; ...West, Benjamin...

by Partridge, Copernicus
Published 1785
Printed by Bennett Wheeler, and sold at his office, opposite the Market
Other Authors: '; ...West, Benjamin...

Published 1771
Printed by John Fleeming. and to be sold at his shop in King Street, opposite the south-door of the town-house. (Price seven coppers single, and 25s. old tenor or 3s.4d lawful the dozen.)
Other Authors: '; ...West, Benjamin...