The economics of free trade [Research Reviews]

L. Alan Winters, Neil McCulloch and Andrew McKay (2004), 'Trade Liberalization and Poverty: The Evidence so Far', Journal of Economic Literature, XLII (1), March, 72-115

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Main Author: Hufbauer, Gary
Other Authors: Suominen, Kati
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Published: Cheltenham Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd 2012
Series:Elgar research reviews in economics
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Summary:L. Alan Winters, Neil McCulloch and Andrew McKay (2004), 'Trade Liberalization and Poverty: The Evidence so Far', Journal of Economic Literature, XLII (1), March, 72-115
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These two volumes survey the most important scholarly writings in economics and political science that explain the drivers and constraints to freer world trade. This authoritative collection, with contributions by leading academics, includes seminal studies that have changed the course of thinking about international trade over past centuries and considers both pro free trade and anti free trade arguments. Along with an original introduction, the editors have also selected a few non-academic pronouncements that have shaped popular views about free trade. This collection will be of immense value to anyone with an interest in the economics of free trade and will serve as an excellent reference source to students and academics
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