Trade costs and facilitation [Research Reviews]

David Dollar, Mary Hallward-Driemeier and Taye Mengistae (2006), 'Investment Climate and International Integration', World Development, 34 (9), 1498-516 -- Gaël Raballand (2003), 'Determinants of the Negative Impact of Being Landlocked on Trade: An Empirical Investigation Through the...

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Published: Cheltenham, UK Edward Elgar Publishing Limited 2010
Series:Critical perspectives on the global trading system and the WTO
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Summary:David Dollar, Mary Hallward-Driemeier and Taye Mengistae (2006), 'Investment Climate and International Integration', World Development, 34 (9), 1498-516 -- Gaël Raballand (2003), 'Determinants of the Negative Impact of Being Landlocked on Trade: An Empirical Investigation Through the Central Asian Case', Comparative Economic Studies, 45, 520-36 -- Alberto Portugal-Perez and John S. Wilson (2008), 'Trade Costs in Africa: Barriers and Opportunities for Reform', Policy Research Working Paper No. 4619, 1-31 -- Ben Shepherd and John S. Wilson (2009), 'Trade Facilitation in ASEAN Member Countries: Measuring Progress and Assessing Priorities', Journal of Asian Economics, 20, 367-83 -- Thomas W. Hertel, Terrie Walmsley and Ken Itakura (2001), 'Dynamic Effects of the "New Age" Free Trade Agreement between Japan and Singapore', Journal of Economic Integration, 16 (4), December, 446-84 --
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