Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter Richard Baxter (12 November 1615 – 8 December 1691) was an English Puritan church leader, poet, hymnodist, theologian, and controversialist. Dean Stanley called him "the chief of English Protestant Schoolmen". After some false starts, he made his reputation by his ministry at Kidderminster, and at around the same time began a long and prolific career as theological writer. After the Restoration he refused preferment, while retaining a non-separatist Presbyterian approach, and became one of the most influential leaders of the Nonconformists, spending time in prison. His views on justification and sanctification are somewhat controversial and unconventional within the Calvinist tradition because his teachings seem, to some, to undermine salvation by faith, in that he emphasizes the necessity of repentance and faithfulness. Provided by Wikipedia

by Baxter, Richard
Published 2013
Oxford University Press

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1785
Printed by Francis Bailey, at Yorick's Head, in Market-Street
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by Baxter, Richard
Published 1794
printed by G. Paramore, North-Green, Worship-Street. Sold by G. Whitfield, at the Chapel, City-Road; and at the Methodist preaching-houses in town and country

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1747
printed and sold in Pearson's Close, north side of the street

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1747
printed and sold in Pearson's Close a little above the Cross

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1761
printed for Thomas Field, in Cheapside, bookseller to the Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge Among the Poor

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1717
Now re-printed, for the use of all persons, whose cases it may be suitable to

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1709
printed for J. Luntley at the Three-Bibles, in Portugal-Street

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1799
printed by Binns and Brown; and sold by T. Hannam, Booksellers

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1776
printed by J. Eddowes, and sold by J. Buckland, Pater-Noster Row, London

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1745
printed by W. Strahan; and sold by T. Trye, at Gray's Inn Gate, Holbourn; by H. Butler, at the Corner of Bow Church-Yard, Cheapside; and at the Foundery, near Upper Moorfields

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1702
printed by S. Bridge, for Thomas Parkhurst at the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapside. Jonathan Robinson at the Golden Lyon in St. Paul's Church-Yard. And John Lawrence at the Angel in the Poultrey

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1716
printed for S. Cruttenden and T. Cox, at the Bible and Three Crowns, near Mercers-Chappel Cheapside

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1764
printed by J. Cotton, and J. Eddowes; and sold by J. Buckland, at the Buck, in Pater-Noster-Row, T. Field, at the Wheat-Sheaf, the Corner of Pater-Noster-Row, Cheapside; and E. Dilly, at the Rose and Crown, in the Poultry, London

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1755
Clodh bhuailt' agus r'an reic le Join Orr, Leabhair-reiceadoir. Ann Glas-gho

by Baxter, Richard
Published 1790
Grantham printed by W. Allen