by Demichelis, Davide
Published 2007
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..., proclaimed hero of Asia 2006 by Time Magazine for her dedication to elephants. In Bangkok we explore one...

by Sigmund, Karl, Dawson, John, Mühlberger, Kurt
Published 2006
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by Santayana, George
Published 2003
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... of Time magazine. His growing influence was evidenced further by two other 1936 publications, Obiter...

by Gödel, Kurt
Published 2016
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... for this problem. In 1999, Time magazine ranked him higher than fellow scientists Edwin Hubble, Enrico Fermi, John...

by Scarre, G.
Published 1989
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...'Nobody reads Mill today,' wrote a reviewer in Time magazine a few years ago. ! One could scarcely...

by Egan, Michael
Published 2007
... and charismatic defenders of the American environment, appearing on the cover of Time magazine in 1970...

by Gasek, Tom
Published 2012
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... insight and inspiration from leading filmmakers like PES (Western Spaghetti Creator, Time Magazine's #2...

by Slater, Robert
Published 2005
... in international relations from the London School of Economics in 1967. He worked for UPI and Time Magazine...

by Bokina, John
Published 1994
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... of the turbulent 1960s, the man Time magazine called the "guru of the New Left."In Reason and Revolution, Eros...

by Bermes, Barbara
Published 2015
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Table of Contents: ... Performance; The Performance Point System; Measurable Performance Modules; Case Study: Time Magazine Website...

by Governor, James
Published 2009
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Table of Contents: ... network; Client Applications/Runtimes; Users; Time Magazine's Person of the Year: You (and Web 2.0...

by Adams, Juliet
Published 2016
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... in such prominent publications as Forbes, Time magazine and The Guardian, and even earning a dedicated blog...

by Toth, James
Published 2013
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... branded by The New York Times Magazine as "The Philosopher of Islamic Terror." By returning to Qutb...

by Vlahos, James
Published 2019
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...A New York Times Magazine writer explores the Next Big Thing in tech?the impending revolution...

16 ... treatment. Anthony Shaw's New York Times Magazine article in 1972 was the first to address these issues...

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... published in Fortean Times magazine...

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