Economics of corporate social responsibility : [Research Reviews]

Matthew J. Kotchen (2006), 'Green Markets and Private Provision of Public Goods', Journal of Political Economy, 114 (4), August, 816-34 -- Thomas P. Lyon and John W. Maxwell (2008), 'Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment: A Theoretical Perspective', Review of Enviro...

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Main Author: McWilliams, Abagail
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Published: Cheltenham Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd 2014
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Summary:Matthew J. Kotchen (2006), 'Green Markets and Private Provision of Public Goods', Journal of Political Economy, 114 (4), August, 816-34 -- Thomas P. Lyon and John W. Maxwell (2008), 'Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment: A Theoretical Perspective', Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2 (2), Summer, 240-60 -- Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok and John M. Quigley (2010), 'Doing Well by Doing Good? Green Office Buildings', American Economic Review, 100 (5), December, 2492-509 -- Lee Burke and Jeanne M. Logsdon (1996), 'How Corporate Social Responsibility Pays Off', Long Range Planning, 29 (4), August, 495-502 -- Abagail McWilliams, David D. Van Fleet and Kenneth D. Cory (2002), 'Raising Rivals' Costs through Political Strategy: An Extension of Resource-Based Theory', Journal of Management Studies, 39 (5), July, 707-23
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In recent years, increasing numbers of articles and studies have emerged across the disciplines of economics, accounting, finance and management to examine the importance of considering both the private and social economic benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As stakeholders and their concerns have multiplied, and empirical evidence has accumulated, CSR has become a critical area of interest. This authoritative collection examines the five related and most significant elements of this subject - theoretical perspectives, firm financial performance, socially responsible investing, environmental performance and strategic CSR - to provide a comprehensive exploration of the literature on Corporate Social Responsibility and its economic consequences
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