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by Gardner, Robert
Published 2005
Studio 7 Arts
..., author, record producer, filmmaker, concert promoter, singer, photographer, and network radio host...

by Noxx, Chris
Published 2023
Packt Publishing Ltd.
... as a creative palette to build a successful career as a record producer, using specific techniques...

by Thompson, Paul
Published 2019
Palgrave Macmillan
... contributors through the use of familiar and relevant clarifying examples.” - Richard James Burgess, record...

by Savage, Steve
Published 2011
University of Michigan Press
... and record producer. "Instead of focusing solely on legal aspects, as many authors have done, Savage takes...

by Gross, Sally Anne
Published 2020
University of Westminster Press

by Hilden, Irene
Published 2022
Leuven University Press
... by consistently focusing on recordings produced under colonial conditions.With a firm commitment to postcolonial...

by Salvestrini, Francesco
Published 2021
Firenze University Press
... and account books, the authors bring new light on the seigneurial powers, the typology of the records produced...

by Nahmani, David
Published 2015
Peachpit Press
... to record, produce, and make music files that stand out with the Apple professional audio software. Veteran...

by Hamm, John
Published 2017
Your Coach Digital

by Nahmani, David
Published 2008
Peachpit Press
... and media files to show you how to record, produce, and polish your musical creations with Apple...