James Cockburn

James Cockburn may refer to:

*Sir James Cockburn, 8th Baronet (1729–1804), Scottish politician *Sir James Cockburn, 9th Baronet (1771–1852), Scottish soldier *James Cockburn (cricketer) (1916–1990), Australian cricketer *James Cockburn (Ontario politician) (1819–1883), Canadian politician in early 19th century Canada *James Cockburn (Lower Canada politician) (c. 1763–1819), physician and politician in Lower Canada *James Cockburn (minister) (1882–1973), Scottish clergyman and scholar *James Cockburn (Royal Navy officer) (1817–1872), Commander-in-Chief, East Indies Station *James Pattison Cockburn (1779–1847), artist, author and military officer Provided by Wikipedia