by Altieri, Ferdinando
Published 1756
MDCCLVI. By John Paul Fantechi and Company, by Permission

by Povoleri, Giovanni
Published 1779
Printed by I. Moore, and sold by the author; Mr. Cadell, Mr. Elmsley; Mr. White; Mr. Robson, Mr. Faulder; and Mr. Hand

by Veneroni
Published 1795
printed for F. Wingrave, successor to Mr. Nourse, in the Strand

by Veneroni
Published 1729
printed for J. Walthoe, R. Wilkin, J. and J. Bonwicke, S. Birt, T. Ward, and T. Osborne

by Sastres, Francesco
Published 1777
printed for the author; and sold by J. Nourse, Bookseller to his Majesty; P. Elmsly, T. Cadell, in the Strand; and P. Molini, Bookseller to the Royal Academy, Oxendon-Street: also by W. Wilson, Dublin; and the booksellers of Bath and Bristol

by Tourner, Henry Marius
Published 1794
printed by Neill & Co. for the author. Sold by P. Hill and T. Duncan, Edinburgh; and J. Edwards, Pall Mall, London

by Peretti, Vincenzo
Published 1795
imprimé par H.L. Galabin, Ingram-Court, Fenchurch-Street: et se vend chez Mr. Boosey, No. 4, Old Broad-Street, the Royal Exchange; Mr. Elmsly, No. 87, Strand; M[r.] Molini, No. 28, Hay-Market; Mr. Deboffe, No. Gerrard-Street, Soho; Mr. Booker, No. 56, New Bon street; et chez l'auteur, No. 24, Great Wild-Street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields, five Doors from Great Queen-Street

by Altieri, Ferdinando
Published 1753
printed by John Baptist Pasquali, MDCCLIII. With Permission & Privilege

by Veneroni
Published 1800
De l'imprimerie de A. Wilson, Wild Court, Licoln's Inn Fields. Se vend chez l'auteur, No. 26, Sherrard Street, Golden Square; Dulau, in Soho Square; Deboffe, Gerrard Street; Elmsley, dans le Strand; Evans, Pall Mall; Wright, Piccadilly; et chez les libraires de livres étrangers

by Palermo, Evangelista
Published 1777
printed for W. Strahan; J. Rivington and Sons; T. Longman; J. Sewell; T. Lownds; J. Richardson; and T. Cadell in the Strand

by Veneroni
Published 1772
Printed for J. Nourse, bookseller in Ordinary to His Majesty

by Bottarelli, Ferdinando
Published 1780
Printed by R. Marchbank, for L. Flin, [No. 15] Castle-Street

by Altieri, Ferdinando
Published 1728
printed for William Innys, at the West End of St. Paul's Church-Yard

by Rolli, Paolo
Published 1741
nella stamperia di J. Chrichley

by Rolli, Paolo
Published 1773
printed for T. Davies, in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden