by Willison, John
Published 1788
Printed by W. Young, bookseller and stationer, at the corner of Chesnut and Second-Streets

by Walter, Nathanael
Published 1741
Printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle at the printing-office over-against the south-east corner of the town-house. Also sold by N. Procter at the Bible & Dove in Fish-Street, and M. Dennis near Scarlet's Wharfe

by Ramsay, Andrew Michael
Published 1793
Printed by Isaac Neale

by Cheever, Thomas
Published 1726
Printed for, and sold by Nicholas Boone, at his shop in Cornhill

by Homes, William
Published 1727
Printed by Gamaliel Rogers in Long Lane, for Samuel Gerrish at the lower end of Cornhill

by Appleton, Nathaniel
Published 1741
Printed and sold by S. Kneeland and T. Green in Queenstreet, and S Eliot in Cornhill

by Hall, David
Published 1753
London: printed. Philadelphia: reprinted and sold by James Chattin, in Church-Alley

by Colman, Benjamin
Published 1725
Printed by T. Fleet, for Thomas Hancock, and sold at his shop in Ann-Street, near the draw-bridge

by Mather, Increase
Published 1711
Printed for Benjamin Eliot, under the west end of the Exchange, in King-Street

by Fleming, Caleb
Published 1736
printed for D. Farmer, at the Bible, in Pater-Noster-Row; R. Ford, at the Angel, in the Poulty; H. Whitridge, under the Royal-Exchange; and A. Dodd, , at the Peacock, without Temple-Bar

by Pomey, François
Published 1738
printed for D. Midwinter; A. Bettesworth, and C. Hitch; B. Motte, and C. Bathurst; A. Ward, and S. Birt

by Pomey, François
Published 1729
printed for J. Walthoe, J. and B. Sprint, A. Bettesworth, and B. Motte

by Pomey, François
Published 1732
printed for J. Walthoe, D. Midwinter and A. Ward, A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch, B. Motte, and S. Birt

by Pomey, François
Published 1778
printed for C. Bathurst, J. Rivington, B. Law, G. Keith, S. Bladon, G. Robinson, R. Baldwin, and W. Stuart

by Banier, Antoine
Published 1739
printed for A. Millar, at Buchanan's-Head, against St. Clement's-Church in the Strand

by Girard, Jean-Baptiste
Published 1732
printed for, and sold by J. Roberts , in Warwick-Lane ; and by the booksellers in town and country