A complete and universal English dictionary: including not only I. An explanation of difficult words and technical terms in all faculties and professions whether in Algebra Anatomy Architecture Arithmetic Astronomy Botany Chymistry Dialling Divinity Gardening Geography Geometry Grammar Heraldry History Husbandry Hydrostatics Law Mathematics Mechanics Military art Music Natural history Navigation Optics Painting Perspective Philosophy Pneumatics Poetry Rhetoric Sculpture Surveying &c But also II. A pronouncing dictionary in which the proper sounds of English words are so given, that both natives and foreigners may acquire a just pronunciation. III. The origin of each word; with its different meanings; illustrated by authorities, properly accented; and followed by initial letters denoting the part of speech to which it is appropriated. IV. The differences pointed out between words esteemed synonimous. V. An epitome of the history of England; from the time of Egbert to the year 1798, arranged alphabetically under every sovereign's name. VI. A description of the various states, provinces and chief towns of the known world. VII. A statement of the sects and divisions in the Christian church; together with a brief history of the prophets and apostles. VIII. An account of the counties, cities and market-towns in Great...
by Barclay, James
Published 1799
Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson; H.L. Gardner; J. Sewell; W.J. and J. Richardson; J. Mathews; W. and J. Otridge; F. and C. Rivington; W. Lowndes; Hookham and Carpenter; D. Ogilvy and son; P. Macqueen; J. Scatcherd; G. Wilkie; C. Law; Darton and Harvey; T.N. Longman; W. Miller; Lee and Hurst