James Barclay

}} James Barclay (born 1965) is a British high fantasy author. He has written two trilogies, ''Chronicles of the Raven'' and ''Legends of the Raven'', and a related novella, ''Light Stealer''.

His latest project is a new series titled ''The Ascendants of Estorea''. The first book, ''Cry of the Newborn'', was published in October 2005. The sequel, ''A Shout for the Dead'' was published in January 2007, which was late due to publication delays. Provided by Wikipedia

by Barclay, James
Published 1792
[printed for J.F. and C. Rivington; B. Law and Son; G.G.J. and J. Robinson; J. Sewell; H.L. Gardner [and 12 others in London]

by Barclay, James
Published 1758
printed for the author, and sold by the booksellers there; and at London by A. Millar, R. and J. Dodsley, T. Longman, J. Nourre, and D. Wilson

by Barclay, James
Published 1743
printed by James Cochran and Company. Sold by A. Symmer, and other booksellers; and by the author, at his house within the foot of Black-Friars Wynd

by Barclay, James
Published 1754
printed by Tho. and Wal. Ruddimans. And sold by the booksellers there

by Barclay, James
Published 1749
printed for P. Vaillant, facing Southampton-Street, in the Strand

by Barclay, James
Published 1766
Printed for W. Johnston in Ludgate-Street, and sold by S. Bladon in Pater-noster Row

by Barclay, James
Published 1799
Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson; H.L. Gardner; J. Sewell; W.J. and J. Richardson; J. Mathews; W. and J. Otridge; F. and C. Rivington; W. Lowndes; Hookham and Carpenter; D. Ogilvy and son; P. Macqueen; J. Scatcherd; G. Wilkie; C. Law; Darton and Harvey; T.N. Longman; W. Miller; Lee and Hurst

by Barclay, James
Published 1774
[printed for Richardson and Urquhart; W. Otridge; H. Gardner; G. Pearch; S. Leacroft [and 3 others in London]

by Barclay, James
Published 1763
printed for J. Fuller, at the Bible and Dove, in Ave-Mary-Lane

by Barclay, James
Published 1777
printed for the author

by Barclay, James
Published 1782
[printed for John Rivington and Sons; B. Law; T. Lownds; S. Bladon; Richardson and Urquhart [and 5 others in London]

by Reoch, William
Published 1759
Other Authors: '; ...Robertson-Barclay, James...

by Reoch, William
Published 1761
Other Authors: '; ...Robertson-Barclay, James...