IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems Proceedings of 3rd ICICNIS 2022

This book gathers selected papers presented at International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems (ICICNIS 2022), organized by St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Kottayam, Kerala, India, during July 1–2, 2022. The book covers state-of-the-art research ins...

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Other Authors: Joby, P. P. (Editor), Balas, Valentina E. (Editor), Palanisamy, Ram (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Singapore Springer Nature Singapore 2023, 2023
Edition:1st ed. 2023
Series:Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
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Collection: Springer eBooks 2005- - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • Lightweight Block Cipher for Resource Constrained IoT Environment - A Survey, Performance, Cryptanalysis and Research Challenges
  • An Efficient Algorithm for Multi class Classification in Deep Neural Network
  • Lung Cancer Classification System for CT Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
  • Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms in Heart Diseases Prediction
  • Fluorescence Microscopic Image Reconstruction using Variational Autoencoder and CycleGAN
  • Tomato Leaf Disease Detection based on Convolutional Neural Network
  • PDF Steganography using Hybrid Crypto Encryption Technique
  • An Efficient Classification Algorithm for Employee Well-being Prediction Using Deep Learning
  • UAV-Enabled Supply Chain Architecture for Flood Recovery in Smart Cities
  • Outlier-based Sybil Attack Detection in WSN
  • An Innovative Novel Method of Reducing the Impact of Traffic Jam Using the Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
  • A Systematic Review - Attack and Security issues in FOG Computing
  • Examination Of Water Impurities Using Iot And Machine Learning Techniques
  • Cache Coherence For Embedded Multi-Core System Architectures: A Survey And Challenges
  • Comparison of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting Employee Performance on Real Time Dataset
  • A Resilient and Efficient Protocol for Strengthening the Internet of Things Network Performance
  • Early Identification of Crop Disease Using Deep Convolution Neural Networks
  • An Error Dependent Enhancement Method for Images Captured in Dense Fog
  • 3D Video QoE Based Adaptation Framework for Future Communication Networks
  • Improved Lightweight Cryptography Authentication based Secure Data Transmission in IoT Networks
  • Modeling and control of induction machine and drive in the combined domain with new chaotic gorilla troop optimizer
  • rSense: A Novel Gesture-Based Human Assistive Device
  • Smart Boosted Model for Behavior-Based Malware Analysis and Detection
  • Quality Rating Application for Victual Recipes Using Facial Analysis
  • Survey of Text Document Summarization based on Ensemble Topic Vector Clustering Model
  • A Hybrid Approach on Conditional GAN for Portfolio Analysis
  • An Innovative Solar Power Can Satellite Model Prototype to Perceive the Environmental Data
  • Artificial Neural Network Based Fault Diagnosing System
  • Smart Application for Voice Over Control on Electronic Devices Using NodeMCU.
  • Navbot - College Navigation Chatbot using Deep Neural Network
  • Heart problems diagnosis using ECG and PCG signals and a K-Nearest Neighbor classifier
  • Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Multi-Class Brain Tumor Classification System in MRI Images
  • Application of the Particle Swarm Algorithm to the Task of Image Segmentation for Remote Sensing of the Earth
  • Overview of data center link load balancing technology based on SDN
  • Wearable band for safety in chemical industries
  • A deep learning framework for social distance monitoring and face mask detection
  • Information Security and Privacy in Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Industry 4.0, Smart Medicine, and Smart Healthcare
  • Virtual Machine and Container live migration algorithms for energy optimization of data centre in cloud environment: A Research Review
  • Dynamic shortest path routing algorithm to reduce retransmission and congestion avoidance for mobile nodes in Wireless Sensor Network
  • A Novel Approach for Segmenting Coronary Artery from Angiogram Videos
  • Analysis of Different Cryptographic Algorithms in Cloud-based Multi-Robot Systems
  • An IoT Based Environment Monitoring & Controlling System for Food Grain Warehouse
  • Numerical Analysis and ANN Modeling of the Intercooled, Reheat and Regenerative Gas Turbine Cycle
  • Implementation of IoT Enabled Home Automation System
  • Scheduled Line of Symmetry Solar Tracker with MPT and IoT
  • A New Method for Secure Transmission of Medical Images using Wavelet Transform and Steganography
  • Deep Learning Based Hand Sign Recognition In The Context Of Indian Greetings And Gestures
  • Pedestrian Detection using MobileNetV2 based Mask R-CNN
  • Localization of calcifications in mammograms using CNN with GAP layer
  • Comparative analysis of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for Real-Time posture detection to prevent Sciatica, Kyphosis, Lordosis
  • LabVIEW Based Anomaly Detection for Screening Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Early Stage Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis Detection Using K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm
  • IoT Crypto Security Communication System
  • CNN and XGBoost based hybrid model in classification of fetal ultrasound scan planes images in detection of congenital heart defects
  • Review on Web Application Based Infant Health Management
  • IEEE 802.11g Wireless Protocol Standard: Performance Analysis
  • Optimal Cluster Head Selection using Vortex Search Algorithm with Deep Learning-Based Multipath Routing in MANET
  • Secure Wireless Smart Car Door Unlocking System
  • A Comprehending Deep Learning Approach for Disease Classification
  • Restaurant Automation Through IoT and NLP Techniques
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Big Data in Recommendation Systems
  • Review on Application of Wireless Technology using IoT
  • Comparative Study of Conditional Generative Models for ISL Generation