Digital customer service transforming customer experience for an on-screen world

"This book describes how the digital transformation of Customer Service at both an operational and cultural level is happening at some companies right now--and why customers love it. Digital customer service is turning out to be easier, more cost-effective, and more personally rewarding than mo...

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Main Authors: DeLisi, Rick, Michaeli, Dan (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: Hoboken, New Jersey John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2021
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Collection: O'Reilly - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
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  • <P>Foreword by Corrie Carrigan</p> <p>Preface: Now It's Our Turn</p> <p><b>Section I: The Problem With Customer Service and the Digital Opportunity </b></p> <p><b>Chapter 1: The Win-Win-Win-Win </b></p> <p>Customer Service At An Inflection Point</p> <p>The Difference Between "digital customer service" and DCS </p> <p>Two Very Different Experiences</p> <p>Story: "Phone" and "Voice" Aren't The Same Thing </p> <p>Win #1: The Benefits of DCS For Companies </p> <p>Win #2: The Benefits of DCS For Customers </p> <p>Win #3: The Benefits of DCS For Agents</p> <p>Win #4: The Benefits of DCS For Service Executives and Leaders </p> <p>Customers Have Transformed,
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
  • For Customers and Agents </p> <p>Story: Standing On The 50-Yard Line </p> <p>Key Takeaways: Chapter 6 </p> <p><b>Chapter 7: The Positioning
  • How DCS Future-Proofs Your Company </b></p> <p>Time To Move To The Center Of The Universe </p> <p>Internally: It's a 6x3 and A-to-Z World </p> <p>The Dichotomy of Expectations</p> <p>Story: The Ultimate "Effortless Experience" </p> <p>Externally: CX is The Last Frontier For Differentiation </p> <p>Positioning "Digital CX" As A Differentiator </p> <p>DCS in Action: Differentiating Service for International Customers </p> <p>Key Takeaways: Chapter 7 </p> <p>Epilogue: To Infinity and Beyond</p> <p>Digital Customer Service FAQs</p> <p>Notes</p> <p>Index</p>
  • So Should Your Company</p> <p>Key Takeaways: Chapter 1 </p> <p><b>Chapter 2: The Peaks and Valleys of Customer Service </b></p> <p>It Wasn't Always this Way </p> <p>Story: The Billboard </p> <p>How Did Customer Service Become Such An Easy "Punching Bag?" </p> <p>Customers Are Wired For Negative Reactions </p> <p>Companies Are Wired For Efficiency </p> <p>Cost Eats Quality For Lunch </p> <p>Evolution of Customer Service: The "Quality Valley" </p> <p>Key Takeaways: Chapter 2 </p> <p><b>Chapter 3: Digital Self-Service Changed Things Forever </b></p> <p>The Citi Never Sleeps </p> <p>From Migration to Expectation to Demand </p> <p>Never Going Back Again</p> <p>Story: Three Sad Faces </p> <p>Evolution of Customer Service: The Digital Self-Service Explosion</p> <p>Why The "Bolt-On" Approach Doesn't Cut It Anymore </p> <p>Social Media: Salt in the Wound</p> <p>Evolution of Customer Service: The
  • "Expectation Valley"</p> <p>Key Takeaways: Chapter 3 </p> <p><b>Section II
  • DCS Terminology Overview </b></p> <p><b>Chapter 4: The 3 OnScreen Pillars Of DCS </b></p> <p>Climbing Out of the Valley of Expectations </p> <p>Evolution of Customer Service: The Inflection Point </p> <p>DCS Defined </p> <p>OnScreen Communication </p> <p>OnScreen Collaboration</p> <p>OnScreen Automation </p> <p>OnScreen Collaboration: Getting On The Same Page </p> <p>DCS in Action: CoBrowsing Creates Major Efficiency Improvements </p> <p>Digital-Also vs. Digital-Only vs. Digital-First </p> <p>How to Build a Business Case for DCS </p> <p>Added Bonus: DCS is More Secure </p> <p>Get Your Agents To Stop Asking This One Question </p> <p>Key Takeaways: Chapter 4 </p> <p><b>Section III
  • DCS Transformation Overview </b></p> <p><b>Chapter 5: The Process
  • A Step-by-Step Guide </b></p> <p>Put It On The Screen </p> <p>"Cooking Up" The Ideal Digital Service Strategy </p> <p>Step 1: Get the Right Ingredients </p> <p>The Digital Customer Service Journeys Grid </p> <p>The "Secret Ingredient": OnScreen Voice </p> <p>So, Do You Still NEED a Phone Number For Customer Service? </p> <p>Step 2: Learn Which Dishes People Like Best </p> <p>Digital Self-Serve Inventory (2x2) </p> <p>New Ways Of Learning About Customer Behavior in Self-Service</p> <p>Step 3: Serve Your Best Dishes Consistently </p> <p>Virtual Assistance vs. Live Assistance </p> <p>Journeys Based On The "Process" Not The "Person" </p> <p>Earning Your Michelin Stars </p> <p>Key Takeaways: Chapter 5 </p> <p><b>Chapter 6: The People
  • Empowering Agents, Leaders and (even) Bots </b></p> <p>From Call Center to Contact Center to "Collaboration" Center </p> <p>The Evolution of Role Expectations </p> <p>The Agents: Rise of the "Superagent" </p> <p>What IS In It For Your Team? </p> <p>What Does The Term Customer Service "Rep" Mean in DCS? </p> <p>Story: AHT vs. THT </p> <p>The Leaders: Retaining and Attracting the Best People </p> <p>The Hiring Profile of Agents in a DCS Environment </p> <p>Sample "Situational Interview" Questions </p> <p>The Bots: Humans and Machines Working As A Team </p> <p>Here to Help You, Not Replace You </p> <p>The "HR Department" for Your Virtual Team </p> <p>Managing Microbots with Specialized Skill Sets </p> <p>DCS in Action: AI Management Deployment </p> <p>Live Assistance? Virtual Assistance? Or A "Hybrid" of BOTH? </p> <p>"Confidence Equity" Works Both Ways