Item Description:<b>Industrial Culture: The Human Side of Change</b> <br>Improve the Performance of Your Business by Creating a New Industrial Culture <br>The Importance of a Culture of Rapid Improvement <br>How Your Culture Affects the Potential for Improvement <br>How Culture Is Influenced by Strategy <br>A Simple Model of Culture <br>Element 1: Values <br>Element 2: Beliefs <br>Element 3: Behavior <br>Element 4: Rituals <br>How to Use This Simple Model of Culture <br>Designing a Corporate Culture <br>Elements of a Culture of Rapid Improvement: An Overview of How This Book Is Organized <br>Summary <br><b>Section I: Establish the Values and Beliefs of Your New Culture</b> <br><b>Strategy: The Values and Beliefs of an Industrial Culture</b> <br>Establishing Strategic Goals for Your Organization <br>Establishing Your Organization's Tactical Goals <br>Setting Strategic Goals Is the Responsibility of the Senior Leader <br>A Process for Establishing Strategic Goals <br>Look Outside Your Organization . - <br>Evaluate Your Customers and Competitors <br>Consider the Owners of Your Business <br>Do Not Forget to Consider Your Employees <br>Assess the Needs of Your Organization's Community <br>Next, Look Inside Your Organization <br>Analyze the Gap between Your Current Capabilities and Your Future Requirements <br>Write Your Goals <br>1. Strategic Goals Have a Simple, Memorable Statement of the Gap You Are Closing <br>2. Strategic Goals Have a Directionally Correct Statement of Future Needs <br>3. Strategic Goals Have a Credible Description of Current Capabilities <br>4. Strategic Goals Have a Few Objective Measures That Define Progress <br>5. . - Strategic Goals Have Interim Tactical Performance <br>Targets to Be Achieved <br>Present Your Goals to Your Organization <br>Conclusion <br>Summary <br><b>3 Making Your Cultural Values Personal</b> <br>A Three-Level View for Translating Goals into Actions <br>The CEO's Three-Level View <br>The Division Managers' Three-Level View <br>Individual De
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