Physics, fun and beyond electrifying projects and inventions from recycled and low-cost materials

Learn about all this, and more: Step on eggs without breaking them ...

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Main Author: Valadares, Eduardo de Campos
Other Authors: Knowles, Michael Hugh, Blakemore, Heather Jean
Format: eBook
Published: Upper Saddle River, N.J. Prentice Hall/PTR 2006
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Collection: O'Reilly - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • Fun with mechanics. The magic can
  • How the weak become strong (structuring materials)
  • Stepping on eggs
  • Thin and fat balloons
  • Pierce balloons without popping them
  • Stretching carrousel
  • A paper saw?
  • Globe of death
  • Flattening the earth at the poles
  • Wild paints
  • Astronaut in the elevator
  • Washing machine: water extractor
  • The square wheel and others
  • Balloon rockets
  • Rockets with chemical and air propulsion
  • Water rockets
  • Bouncing balls
  • Temperamental pendulums
  • Hypersensitive rings
  • Bed of nails
  • Bed of rulers
  • The submarine
  • Water amplifier (water transistor
  • Hydraulic elevator
  • Drawbridges
  • Circumventing obstacles: how air and water streams find their way
  • Juggling balloons
  • Air streams on top of cars, roofs, and mountains
  • Make your own sprayer
  • Wind tunnel
  • Unwanted ball
  • Outsmarting friction (flying saucer)
  • Wheel that rolls uphill
  • The ballerina's trick
  • Accelerometer
  • Raw or hard-boiled egg
  • Hand-operated water pump (Archimedes' screw)
  • Water fountain
  • How to get on top (Brazil nut effect). Playing with light: optics. Invisible glass
  • Decomposing light into a rainbow: 21st century version of Newton's classical experiments
  • Challenge your perception
  • Moire patterns
  • Lenses made of air and water
  • The light at the end of the tunnel
  • The ghost behind the mirror
  • Levitation and cubism with a flat mirror
  • Magical theater
  • The miracle of the fishes: parallel mirrors
  • Kaleidoscopes festival
  • Dark chamber
  • New discoveries with polarizers
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • Exploring the laser ray
  • Tubes of light: fiber optics
  • Slow-motion camera
  • Fractal Christmas
  • The world of atoms and our world: cold, heat, and giant bubbles. Jiggling atoms
  • Crushing cans and plastic bottles
  • Bending laser beams with hot air
  • Stream machine
  • The little steamboat
  • Burn balloons without popping them
  • Air and water thermometers
  • Full balloon with end open
  • Invisible hand
  • Pneumatic tire valves
  • Car in the sun: greenhouse effect and solar heater
  • Can competition: which heats up and cools down faster?
  • Fog-proof mirrors
  • Tying a knot in a stream of water
  • Soap saddles? You are joking!
  • Racquets and tennis balls made of soap
  • Flexible colors
  • Two-dimensional vortex
  • Pass through a soap film without popping it
  • Non-cutting scissors
  • Gigantic soap bubbles and films
  • Speeding up water droplets
  • Liquid climbers
  • Whirlpools (3D vortices)
  • Outlets clogged with water
  • Forcing an egg out of the shell. Playing with sounds: acoustics. Telephone with a wire
  • Scratching made louder
  • When is a pipe a bell?
  • Tick-tock of the clock
  • Wireless telephone: parabolic acoustic mirrors
  • Focusing sound
  • Home-made variable-pitch whistle
  • Sounds of paper
  • Secrets of the guitar
  • Singing hose
  • From lungs to mouth
  • Pictures of sounds. Electrifying experiments: electricity and magnetism. Sticking balloons on walls: static electricity
  • Making water detour
  • Wireless lamp
  • Salt water turns into gas: electrolysis
  • Electric gates: thermal relays
  • Electric hoist: electromagnets
  • Chaotic pendulum
  • Painting pictures with an electric hoist
  • Electric motor
  • Crazy toboggan: electromagnetic braking
  • Magnetic levitation
  • Silent radio
  • Car control versus TV control. Patterns for fun with mechanics, experiment 13: the square wheel and others
  • Patterns for playing with light: optics, experiment 3: challenge your perception