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100 1 |a Vogelsang, John 
245 0 0 |a Handbook for strategic HR  |b best practices in organizational development from the OD network  |c edited by John Vogelsang [and others] 
260 |a New York  |b American Management Association  |c 2013 
300 |a x, 662 pages  |b illustrations 
505 0 |a Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0 |a Section 3. Use of self as an instrument of change: Introduction / Matt Minahan -- Use of self : our instrument of change (Managing use of self for masterful professional practice / David Shechtman. Personal and organizational authority : bringing the self into a system of work relationships / Lawrence J. Gould) -- The mental realities we build (Diversity, inclusion, and the ladder of inference / Neil D. Samuels. Mindfulness and experiential learning / David Kolb. Generative conversations : how to use deep listening and transforming talk in coaching and consulting / Robert J. Marshak. Diversity and social justice : practices for OD practitioners / Michael Brazzel. Racism in the workplace : OD practitioners' role in change / Karon R. Moore. Quadrant behavior theory : edging the center the potential for change and inclusion / Cathy Royal) -- Ethical leadership (Ethical leadership and OD practice / Wendell Nekoranec) -- Covert processes (Diagnosing covert processes in groups and organizations / Judith H. Katz) 
505 0 |a Section 7. Globalization, cross-cultural interaction, and virtual working arrangements: Introduction / Cathy Royal -- Creating global glue and alignment (Global glue and the case study of Fonterra / Annie Viets. Organizational developments role when going global / Peter F. Sorensen. Implementing a global corporate strategy : the role of organization development / Peter F. Sorensen. Socio-economic approach to management : a successful systemic approach to organizational change / Alia Heorhiadi. Business as an agent of world benefit : a worldwide action research project using appreciative inquiry / Diana Whitney) -- Leadership (Leadership connectivity : building global partnerships / Maya Hu-Chan. Global leadership : a virgin landscape for OD practitioners in the vanguard / Patricia Shafer) -- Consultant role (The core value of OD revisited : a compass for global and international organizational development / Therese F. Yaeger. OD : dancing in the global context / Anne H. Litwin) -- Community and sustainability (Organization as community : what we have to learn from the Maasai about OD / Kakuta Ole Ole Maimai Hamisi. Creating high impact organizations in the SADC : adapting OD methods and practices / Sylvia C. Mupepi) -- Communication in global enterprises (Addressing the global virtual competency gap / Deb Torchia. OD 2.0 : shifting from disruptive to innovative technology / George Vukotich) 
505 0 |a Section 1. The changing world of human resources: Introduction / John Vogelsang -- The role of organization development in the human resource function / Edgar H. Schein -- Organization development and human resources management / Dave Hanna 
505 0 |a Section 4. Thinking systemically and strategically: Introduction / Matt Minahan -- Systems thinking : the connectedness of everything (General systems theory : what is it? Is there an application example for OD? / William Becker. Gestalt OSD and systems theory : a perspective on levels of system and intervention choices / Veronica Hopper Carter. Towards a behavioral description of high-performing systems / Peter Vaill) -- An evolving understanding of systems thinking (Chaos and complexity : what can science teach? / Margaret Wheatley. The postmodern turn in OD / Robert J. Marshak) -- Designing organizations. Culture (Corporate culture / Edgar H. Schein. Trauma and healing in organizations / Shana Hormann. Diversity and inclusion as a major culture change intervention / Frederick A. Miller) -- [Designing organizations]. Organic/open systems models (Organizational circulatory systems : an inquiry / Art Kleiner. Organic organizational (ORG2) design / Gina Hinrichs. Participative design: an overview / Greg Vaughan) -- [Designing organizations]. Complex adaptive and dialogic approaches (Creating the complex adaptive organization : a primer on complex adaptive systems / Dudley Tower. Incorporating social network analysis into traditional OD interventions : a case study / Edward Shin. Appreciative inquiry and positive organizational scholarship : a philosophy of practice for turbulent times / Mary T. Miller. Creating change by changing the conversation / David Grant) 
505 0 |a Section 5. Employee engagement: Introduction / Annie Viets -- Working out : building strength through employee engagement (A brief and provocative history of participation / Edgar H. Schein. Employee engagement and OD strategies / Hona Mathews. The identity effect : how identity-based management drives employee engagement and business performance / Larry Ackerman. Will employee engagement be hijacked or reengineered? / Paul M. Mastrangelo) -- One plus one equals four star performance : engaging in collaboration (The power of interactive collaborative designs / Christopher Schoch. Creating a culture of collaboration in a city government / Nancy L. Southern) -- Lights, camera, action : close-ups of engagement (Employee-led organizational change : theory and practice / Sanyani Edwards. The politics of implementation : the importance of building consensus around employee performance management / Victor Woodell. Interest-based problem solving : foundation of a labor and management partnership / Adrienne Eaton) 
505 0 |a Section 2. Consulting and partnership skills: Introduction / Judy Vogel -- Facilitation and the consulting process (Facilitation 101 / Heather Butler Taylor. Action research : the anchor of OD practice / Matt Griffin. The organization development contract / Marvin Weisbord. The seven deadly sins of OD consulting : pitfalls to avoid in the consulting practice / Connie A. Freeman) -- The core skills needed in consulting on process issues (Notes towards a better understanding of process : an essay / Edgar H. Schein. The consultant as process leader / Jane Moosbruker) -- The client-consultant relationship (Working with the client-consultant relationship : why every step is an "intervention" / Naomi Raab. Who owns the OD effort? / Harold Mack. Unraveling the "who's responsible?" riddle / Arthur M. Freedman) -- The consultant as person (Rules of thumb for change agents / Herbert Allen Shepard. If I knew then ... : an essay / Geoff Bellman. Who is the client here? : on becoming an OD consultant / Robert Goldberg) -- Partnerships among the HR business partner, leadership, staff, and an internal or external OD consultant (An inner blueprint for successful partnership development : putting a relationship to work / Judy Vogel. Reflections on a cross-cultural partnership in multicultural organizational development efforts / Mark A. Chester) 
505 0 |a Section 6. Change management: Introduction / Maya Townsend -- Change by any other name : kinds of change (Awake at the wheel : moving beyond change management to conscious leadership / Dean Anderson. The tao of change redux / Robert J. Marshak. Improving change implementation : practical adaptations of Kotter's model / Nicole Stragalas) -- What now? : understanding change from the change recipient's viewpoint (Change from the employees' perspective : the neglected viewpoint / Adam S. Kling. Resistance in organizations : how to recognize, understand, and respond to it / Barry Dym. Appreciative inquiry : debunking the mythology behind resistance to change / Thomas C. Head. Utilizing states of organizational readiness / Harry Hutson. Developing organization change champions: a high payoff investment! / Don Warrick) -- How to make them sit up and take notice : the successful change agent (The role of leadership in the management of organizational transformation and learning / Edgar H. Schein. Change mastery, simplified / Chris Hoffman. Backcasting : a systematic method for creating a picture of the future and how to get there / Larry Hirschhorn. Using action learning for organization development and change / Arthur M. Freedman. Strategic change consulting : how to leverage your work at the enterprise level / Dean Anderson) -- Special topics (The executive perspective on mergers and acquisitions / Robert C. Barnett. An appreciative inquiry into the factors of culture continuity during leadership transition : a case study of Leadshare, Canada / Mary Ann Rainey) 
653 |a Personnel / Direction 
653 |a Changement organisationnel 
653 |a BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Human Resources & Personnel Management / bisacsh 
653 |a Organizational change / http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh85095525 
653 |a Personnel management / http://id.loc.gov/authorities/subjects/sh85100143 
653 |a BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Organizational Behavior / bisacsh 
653 |a BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Workplace Culture / bisacsh 
653 |a Organizational change / fast 
653 |a Personnel management / fast 
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520 |a Things are changing in the world of human resources