International Conference on Communication, Computing and Electronics Systems Proceedings of ICCCES 2019

This book includes high impact papers presented at the International Conference on Communication, Computing and Electronics Systems 2019, held at the PPG Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India, on 15-16 November, 2019. Discussing recent trends in cloud computing, mobile computing, and advancemen...

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Other Authors: Bindhu, V. (Editor), Chen, Joy (Editor), Tavares, João Manuel R. S. (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Singapore Springer Nature Singapore 2020, 2020
Edition:1st ed. 2020
Series:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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Collection: Springer eBooks 2005- - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • Feature Selection using Neighborhood Component Analysis with Support Vector Machine for Classification of Breast Mammograms
  • Performance Analysis of Implicit Pulsed and Low Glitch Power Efficient Double Edge Triggered Flip-Flops using C-Elements
  • Cost-Effective Waste Collection System based on the Internet of Wasted Things (IoWT)
  • Leveraging Artificial Intellgience for Effective Recruitment and Selection Processes
  • Trust Computing Model Based on Meta-Heuristic Approach for Collaborative Cloud Environment
  • Integration Of Generation Y Academician Attributions With Transformational Leadership Style: Association Rules Technique On Minimizing Turnover Intention
  • An Improved Self-Tuning control mechanism for BLDC motor using Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm
  • A Wearable Wrist Based Pulse Oximetry For Monitoring Cardiac Activities – A Pilot Study
  • Data Sciences and Teaching Methods – Learning
  • Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Three Factor Authentication
  • Performance Comparison of Machine Learning Based Classification of Skin Diseases from Skin Lesion Images
  • FastICA algorithm applied to Scattered Electromagnetic Signals
  • Deep Convolution Neural Network Model for Indian Sign Language Classification
  • Opinion Mining Of Bengali Review Written With English Character Using Machine Learning Approaches
  • Big Data Feature Selection to achieve Anonymization
  • Interoperability In Smart Living Network – A Survey
  • Sentiment Analysis of Bengali Reviews for Data and Knowledge Engineering : A Bengali Language Processing Approach
  • Imbalanced Dataset Analysis With Neural Network Model
  • Review Of Parallel Processing Methods For Big Image Data Applications
  • Exploring the Potential of Virtual Reality in Fire Training Research Using A’WOT Hybrid Method
  • Two-Way Sequence Modeling for Context-Aware Recommender Systems with Multiple Interactive Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit
  • Computer Tools for Energy Systems
  • Three Interacting Tank Controlled with Decentralized PI Controller Tuned Using Grey Wolf Optimization
  • An IEC 61131-3 based PLC Timers Module Implemented on FPGA Platform
  • Impact of Temperature on Circuit Metrics of Various Full Adders
  • Novel Approach for Power Analysis in Microcontrollers
  • Evolving Reversible Fault-Tolerant Adder Architectures and their Power Estimation
  • A Wide Band, Low Power Grounded Active Inductor with High-Q Factor for RF Applications
  • Design and FPGA Realization of Digital Lightweight Numerically Controlled Quadrature Wave Oscillator
  • Efficient Multimedia Data Transmission Model for Future Generation Wireless Network
  • Smart Fleet Monitoring System in Indian Armed Forces using Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Greenhouse Monitoring System based on Internet of Things
  • Building Personal Marionette (Ritchie) using Internet of Things for Smarter Living in Homes
  • Seven Stage Audio Classifier using Artificial Neural Network(Stage Audio Classifier using Artificial Neural Network)
  • Predicting Short-Term Electricity Demand through Artificial Neural Network
  • Detection of Tomatoes Using Artificial Intelligence Implementing Haarcascade Technique
  • Passive Safety System for 2- & 4-Wheeled Vehicles
  • Measuring the Financial Performance of MSMEs through Artificial Neural Networks
  • Automation of Admission Enquiry Process through Chatbot – A Feedback Enabled Learning System
  • Hardware Assisted Qr Code Generation Using Fault Tolerant Trng
  • Classification of Digitized Documents Applying Neural Networks
  • Plant Leaf Diseases Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning
  • A Shape-Based Character Segmentation using Artificial Neural Network for Mizo Script
  • Feasibility Study for a Mini-hydropower plant in Dreznica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The Internet Of Things (Iot) Routing Security-A Study
  • Efficient Hybrid Method for Intrinsic Security Over Wireless Sensor Network
  • Cloud-based Healthcare Portal in Virtual Private Cloud
  • Interference Aware Cluster Formation in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
  • Efficient utilization of resources of Virtual Machines through monitoring the Cloud Datacenter
  • A study of energy management techniques for smart city applications on educational campus
  • Low Noise Amplifier for Wireless Local Area Networks Applications
  • Indoor Mobile Robot Path Planning Using QR Code
  • A Novel Privacy Preservation Scheme for Internet of Things Using Blockchain Strategy
  • Logically Locked I2C Protocol for Improved Security
  • Broadband Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna With Fractal Defected Ground Structure
  • A Novel Technique for Vehicle Theft Detection System using MQTT on IoT
  • Secure Wireless Internet of Things Communication using Virtual Private Networks
  • An Effective Machine Learning Based File Malware Detection – A survey
  • Data Mining and Neural Networks to Determine the Financial Market Prediction
  • Research on the cloud archiving process and its technical framework of government website pages
  • Determination of Contents Based on Learning Styles through Artificial Intelligence
  • Evaluation Computing of Cultural Tourism Resources Potential Based on SVM Intelligent Data Analysis and IoT
  • Data Mining and Social Network Analysis on Twitter
  • Numerical Modeling and Simulation of High Efficieny thin Cu(In,Ga)Se Photovoltaic by WxAMPS
  • Design of a Two stage Folded Cascode amplifier using SCL 180nm CMOS Technology
  • Electromagnetic simulation of Optical Devices
  • Review on Radio Frequency Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (RF-MEMS) switch
  • Design of Generalized Rational Sampling Rate Converter using Multiple Constant Multiplication
  • Comparison of Decoupled and Coupled PWM Techniques for Open End Induction Motor Drives
  • A Contingent Exploration on Big Data Tools