Extraction 2018 Proceedings of the First Global Conference on Extractive Metallurgy

This three volume set presents papers from the first collaborative global metallurgy conference focused exclusively on extractive topics, including business and economic issues. Contributions examine new developments in foundational extractive metallurgy topics and techniques, and present the latest...

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Other Authors: Davis, Boyd R. (Editor), Moats, Michael S. (Editor), Wang, Shijie (Editor), Gregurek, Dean (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Cham Springer International Publishing 2018, 2018
Edition:1st ed. 2018
Series:The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series
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Collection: Springer eBooks 2005- - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • Two-step Copper Smelting Process at Dongying Fangyuan
  • ISASMELT™ - Flexibility in Furnace Design
  • Investigation of Oxygen Bottom Blown Copper Smelting Process
  • Top SubmergedLance Furnace Lining Cooling System Upgrade
  • Application Study on the Technology of Reducing Cu in Discarded Slag
  • Thermodynamic Consideration of Copper Matte Smelting Conditions with Respect to Minor Element Removal and Slag Valorization Options
  • Optimizing Smelter Uptime through Digital Asset Management
  • Reducing Refining Cycle Times to Extend Anode Furnace Campaign Life at Kennecott Copper
  • Smelting Mechanism in the Reaction Shaft of a Commercial Copper Flash Furnace
  • Progressing Towards Furnace Modernization by Utilizing Comparative Analysis of Acousto Ultrasonic-Echo (AU-E) Monitoring: Case Studies
  • Kinetics of Roasting of a Sphalerite Concentrate
  • Thermodynamic Modeling of Oxygen Bottom-Blowing Continuous Converting Process
  • Development of Continuous Radar Level Measurement for Improved Furnace Feed Control
  • Research on Recovery of Valuable Metals in Waste Acid from Copper Smelting Flue Gas Acid-making and Reduction and Harmless Treatment of Solid Wastes
  • Fundamental Process Equilibria of Base and Trace Elements in the DON Smelting of Various Nickel Concentrates
  • Challenges and Opportunities of a Lead Smelting Process for Complex Feed Mixture
  • Application of MPE model to Nickel Smelting
  • Practice on Exploration of Oxygen-enriched Converting Industrial Production by Kaldo furnace
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex : A Silent Achiever
  • Trace Metal Distributions in Nickel Slag Cleaning Furnace
  • Case Study on the Application of Research to Operations – Calcium Ferrite Slags
  • Kinetics of Oxidation of Pyrrhotite
  • Formation Mechanism of Ferronickel Alloy due to the Reaction Between Iron and Nickeliferous Pyrrhotite at 850–900 °C
  • Influence of Manganese on Dissolution of Graphite in Manganese Iron Alloys
  • Experimental Investigation of Pyrometallurgical Treatment of Zinc Residue
  • Dynamic modelling of molten slag-matte interactions in an industrial flash smelting furnace settler
  • High Temperature Characteristics of Slags Originating from the Production of Synthetic Tantalum Concentrate
  • Recovery of Nickel and Vanadium from Heavy Oil Residues using DC Plasma Smelting
  • Iron Segregation Roasting Processes
  • Towards a Microwave Metal Extraction Process
  • The Influence of Aluminum on Indium and Tin Behavior in Secondary Copper Smelting
  • Behavior of Nickel as a Trace Element and Time-dependent Formation of Spinels in WEEE Smelting
  • The Distribution of Sn between CaO-CuOx- FeOy-SiO2 Slag and Copper Metal at 1300 \\176 C
  • Gaseous Reduction of Mn ores in CO-CO2 atmosphere
  • Optimization of Slag Composition in View of Iron Recovery and Dephosphorization in EAF Process
  • Condensation of SiO and CO in Silicon Production – A Literature Review
  • Phase Transformations from Quartz to Cristobalite
  • Forming Micro-bubbles in Liquid Steel
  • Innovative Applications of Bubbles and Drops to Ferrous Process Technology
  • Carbochlorination of Low-grade Titanium Slag to Titanium Tetrachloride inMolten Salt
  • Calciothermic Reduction and Electrolysis of Sulfides in CaCl2 Melt
  • Reaction Behavior of Phosphorus in Multi-phase CaO-FeOX-SiO2-P2O5 Flux System
  • Microanalysis and Experimental Techniques for the Determination of Multicomponent Phase Equilibria for Non-ferrous Smelting and Recycling Systems
  • Thermodynamic Study on the Equilibrium of Platinum Group Metals between Slag and Molten Metals
  • High Temperature Recovery of Rare Earth Ortho-Ferrites from Permanent Magnets
  • On the Evaporation of S from Liquid Fe-C-S Alloy
  • Extraction of Pig Iron and Ferrosilicon from Low-grade Bauxite Ores
  • Kinetics of Bauxite Residue Sintering
  • A New Pyrometallurgical Recycling Technique for Lead Battery Paste without SO2 Generation — A Thermodynamic and Experimental Investigation
  • Understanding Viscosity-structure Relationship of Slags and its Influence on Metallurgical Processes
  • Reduction of Manganese Ore Pellets in a Methane-containing Atmosphere
  • Kinetics of Reduction-carburization of Synthetic (Fe,Mg)(Cr,Al2O4 Solid Solutions by Ar-CH4-H2 Gas Mixtures
  • Chemical Reactivity and Thermal Stability of the Phosphate Binder used in Ceramic Foam Filters (CFFs)
  • Part 4. Hydrometallurgy Keynotes
  • The Evolution of Cobalt–Nickel Separation Technologies: Fifty Years of Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange
  • Minimizing the Hydro in Hydrometallurgy
  • Part 5. Hydrometallurgy 2018
  • Hydrometallurgical Extraction of Lead in Brine Solution from a TSL Processed Zinc Plant Residue
  • Alkaline Metals Removal from Radioactive Wastewater by Combined CO2 Capture and Adsorption into Bone Char
  • Multicomponent Thermodynamic Databases for Complex Pyrometallurgical Processes
  • Verification of Permeability and Forchheimer Drag Coefficients of Al2O3 Ceramic Foam Filters (CFF) at High and Low Flow Rates
  • Computational Modeling of a Secondary Lead Reverberatory Furnace: Effect of Burden Geometry
  • Development ofa Thermodynamic Database for the Multicomponent PbO-“Cu2O”-FeO-Fe2O3-ZnO-CaO-SiO2 System for Pyrometallurgical Smelting and Recycling
  • Reduction in GHG Emissions of Steel Production by Direct Injection of Renewable Biocarbon
  • Preparation of Ferronickel from Nickel Laterite Ore via Semi-molten Reduction Followed by Magnetic Separation
  • Thermodynamic Modeling of the Solid State Carbothermic Reduction of Chromite Ore
  • Production of Ferromanganese Alloys from Silicomanganese Sludge and an Iron Source
  • New Paradigms for Iron Ore Pelletization
  • The In Situ Micro Raman Study of the NO3- Electrochemical Behavior in Molten NaNO3-KNO3 Mixtures
  • Evolution of Metallurgical Parameters at Mantoverde Heap Leaching Operation
  • The Effect of Aeration on Chalococite Heap Leaching
  • Study of the Diffusion of Cu(II) as an Oxidant Through Simulated Particle Pores in a Novel Model Apparatus
  • Filtration Properties of Ferric Hydroxide Precipitate in Nickel Production
  • The Effects of Experimental Variable
  • Refractory Design and the Role of Numerical Simulations
  • Wear Phenomena in Non-ferrous Metal Furnaces
  • A Scientific Roadmap for Refractory Corrosion Testwork
  • Investigation of Refractory Failure in a Nickel Smelting Furnace
  • Mathematical Modeling of Waterless Matte Granulator for Debottlenecking of Conventional Sulfide Smelters
  • Desulfurization of the Non-Ferrous Smelter Flue Gases Based on Scrubbing with a Carbonate Eutectic Melt and Natural Gas Regeneration
  • Advanced Thermochemical Fundamental and Applied Research to Improve Integrity of the Steel Water Jacketed Furnace at Port Pirie
  • Sustainable Development Considerations in Primary Copper Smelting
  • Influence of Arsenic on the Chemical Wear of Magnesia-chromite Refractories in Copper Smelting Furnaces
  • Improved Copper Smelter and Converter Productivity through the Use of a Novel High-grade Feed
  • Semi-discrete Dynamics and Simulation of Peirce-Smith Converting
  • Thermodynamic Considerations of Copper Complex Resources Smelting Process
  • Part 3
  • Peter Hayes Symposium on Pyrometallurgical Processing
  • Peter Charles Hayes’ Contributions to Metallurgical Research: Brief Biography and List of Publications
  • Integrated Pyrorefining of Lead at Teck’s Trail Operations
  • Relating Reported Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Iron and Steelmaking Process Details
  • Process Zones Observed in a 48 MVA Submerged Arc Furnace Producing Silicomanganese According to the Ore-based Process
  • Heat Transfer to Copper Coolers in Freeze Lined Furnaces: The Role of Radiation and the Influence of Slag Liquidus
  • Interfacial Reaction between Magnesia Refractory and EAF Slag
  • Kinetics of Dephosphorisation of Iron Carbon Alloys; the Importance of Competing Reactions, Slag Properties and CO Bubbles
  • A Study of Cementite Formation in the Reduction of Hematite by CO-CO2 Gas Mixture Using High Temperature XRD
  • Synthesis and Properties Characterization of Crystalline Polyferric Sulfate Adsorbent Used for Treating High As()-content Contaminated Water
  • Custom Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Piping (FRP) Applications in Mineral Processing
  • Electrochemical Behavior of Chalcopyrite in Presence of Sodium Peroxodisulfate
  • Alternative Lixiviant for Copper Leaching fromChalcopyrite Concentrate
  • Hydrometallurgical Processing of Copper-Arsenic Concentrates
  • Sustainable Development Considerations in Copper Hydrometallurgy
  • Improved Process for Leaching Refractory Copper Sulfides with Hydrogen Peroxide in Aqueous Ethylene Glycol Solutions
  • Copper Recovery from the Mine Tailings by Combination of Flotation with Highpressure Oxidative Leaching and Solvent Extraction
  • Douglas Centenary Commemoration - 1918-2018 Engineering the Science: James Douglas, Early Hydrometallurgy and Chile
  • Making the Right Selection: A Comparative Analysis for the Treatment of Refractory Gold Concentrates
  • Part 1. Pyrometallurgy Keynotes
  • Role of Research in Non-ferrous Metallurgy Development - Peter Hayes Contributions To Modern Pyrometallurgy
  • The Role of Research in Pyrometallurgy Technology Development - From Fundamentals to Process Improvements - Future Opportunities
  • Sulfide Smelting: Thirty-Five Years of Continuous Efforts to Find New Value Adding Solutions
  • The Changing World of Metallurgy Education
  • Part 2. 7th International Symposium on Advances in Sulfide Smelting
  • Sulfide Smelting Development in Japan during the Past Half Century
  • Review of Boliden Harjavalta Nickel Smelter
  • Redesign and Rebuild of the Pan Pacific Copper Flash Smelting Furnace
  • From Fundamentals to Furnace Control - Making the Most of Modern Technologies
  • Pyrometallurgical Processing of Desulphurization Slags
  • High Temperature Phase Formation at the Slag/Refractory Interphase at Ferronickel Production
  • ISASMELT™ Technology for Sulfide Smelting