Innovation and entrepreneurship [Research Reviews]

This comprehensive volume integrates pathbreaking and seminal scholarship from two interrelated fields - innovation and entrepreneurship - with the chapters providing a compelling link between the two. The editors seek to introduce and contextualize some of the most important research. Topics covere...

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Main Author: Audretsch, David B.
Corporate Author: Edward Elgar Publishing
Other Authors: Falck, Oliver, Heblich, Stephan
Format: eBook
Published: Cheltenham, Glos, UK Edward Elgar 2009
Series:The international library of entrepreneurship
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Summary:This comprehensive volume integrates pathbreaking and seminal scholarship from two interrelated fields - innovation and entrepreneurship - with the chapters providing a compelling link between the two. The editors seek to introduce and contextualize some of the most important research. Topics covered include: history of thought, innovation and growth, the innovation process, role models of the entrepreneur, knowledge flows and institutions
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