Education and economic performance [Research Reviews]

Mark Blaug (1972), 'Educated Unemployment in Asia: A Contrast Between India and the Philippines', Philippine Economic Journal, 11 (1), September, 33-57 -- Barry R. Chiswick (2003), 'Jacob Mincer, Experience and the Distribution of Earnings', Review of Economics of the Household,...

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Main Author: Wolf, Alison
Other Authors: McNally, Sandra
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Published: Cheltenham Edward Elgar Pub. Ltd 2011
Series:Elgar research reviews in economics
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Throughout the developed and developing worlds, education spending is seen as a key tool for government policy makers in the quest for economic growth. Promoting 'human capital' development is a prime objective for economic and education ministries. The seminal articles discussed in this essential research review include early classics which explain why education became central to productivity debates and more recent papers which elucidate the enormous controversies in this important field
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