Intelligent Computing and Applications Proceedings of the International Conference on ICA, 22-24 December 2014

The idea of the 1st International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications (ICICA 2014) is to bring the Research Engineers, Scientists, Industrialists, Scholars and Students together from in and around the globe to present the on-going research activities and hence to encourage research...

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Other Authors: Mandal, Durbadal (Editor), Kar, Rajib (Editor), Das, Swagatam (Editor), Panigrahi, Bijaya Ketan (Editor)
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Published: New Delhi Springer India 2015, 2015
Edition:1st ed. 2015
Series:Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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100 1 |a Mandal, Durbadal  |e [editor] 
245 0 0 |a Intelligent Computing and Applications  |h Elektronische Ressource  |b Proceedings of the International Conference on ICA, 22-24 December 2014  |c edited by Durbadal Mandal, Rajib Kar, Swagatam Das, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi 
250 |a 1st ed. 2015 
260 |a New Delhi  |b Springer India  |c 2015, 2015 
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505 0 |a Chapter 22. Decision Feedback Equalization for MIMO Systems -- Chapter 23. Fuzzy Logic Based Handover in 3GPP LTE Network -- Chapter 24. FPGA Implementation of Novel Discrete Phase Locked Loop -- Chapter 25. Scaling Theory for the Effective Conducting Path Effect (ECPE) of Tri Material Tunnel Field Effect Transistors -- Chapter 26. Color Image Segmentation Using Cauchy Mutated PSO -- Chapter 27. Large Scale Global Optimization Using Dynamic Population Based DE -- Chapter 28. A Novel Pre-processing Approach for Human Face Recognition Invariant to Illumination -- Chapter 29. Modeling and Simulation of Jerk Driven Damper: A New Semi-active Suspension System for Vehicle -- Chapter 30. Harmonic Frequency Generation of a Ring Oscillator Using VCO -- Chapter 31. Amplifier Design Optimization in CMOS -- Chapter 32. An Application of ANFIS Based Intelligence Technique for Predicting Tool Wear in Milling --  
505 0 |a Chapter 51. PSO in Concentric Circular Arrays for Side Lobe Reduction with Symmetric Relocation Boundary Condition -- Chapter 52. Ear Recognition Using Force Field Transform and Collaborative Representation Based Classification with Single Training Sample per Class -- Chapter 53. Demonstration of GPGPU Accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics Calculations -- Chapter 54. High Performance Current mode Receiver Design for On-chip VLSI Interconnects -- Chapter 55. CMOS Amplifier Design Using Simplified gm/Id Technique -- Chapter 56. Solution of Optimal Power Flow by an Opposition-based Gravitational Search Algorithm -- Chapter 57. Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence Technology Applied in Concrete Road Design -- Chapter 58. Multi-Hop Secured Video Transmission Using Dual-Channel Dual-path Routing against Packet Copy Attack -- Chapter 59. Static Analysis: A Survey of Techniques and Tools --  
505 0 |a Chapter 12. Object Oriented Modeling of IDEA for E-learning Security -- Chapter 13. An Improved BAT Optimized Cluster Based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks -- Chapter 14. A Hybrid Ant Routing Algorithm for Reliable throughput Using MANET -- Chapter 15. Development of Type 2 Fuzzy Rough Ontology Based Middleware for Context Processing in Ambient Smart Environment -- Chapter 16. Multiple Image Encryption Using Genetic Algorithm -- Chapter 17. Knowledge Base System Architecture on CBR for Detection of Cholera Disease -- Chapter 18. Efficient Adaptive Routing Algorithm for WSNs with Sink Mobility -- Chapter 19. Detection of Degree of Sickness of Affected Eye Using Fuzzy Logic & Histogram Analysis -- Chapter 20. Element Spacing Optimization of Low Side Lobe Concentric Hexagonal Antenna Arrays Using MOEA/D -- Chapter 21. QPSO for Synthesis of Scanned Linear Array Antenna for Fixed Side Lobe Level and First Null Beam Width including Wide Null Placement --  
505 0 |a Chapter 41. Fault Diagnosis of Broken Rotor Bars in Induction Motor Using Multi-scale Entropy and Back Propagation Neural Network -- Chapter 42. Design of a Signal Sensor for Analysing Biological Activities at Cellular Level -- Chapter 43. Fuzzy PID Control for Ball and Beam Mechanism -- Chapter 44. Framework for Smart Health: Towards Connected Data from Big Data -- Chapter 45. Capacity Analysis of ZF Receiver in Correlated MIMO Nakagami-m Channel -- Chapter 46. Neural Estimations of First Null Beam Width for Broadside and End-fire Uniform Linear Antenna Arrays -- Chapter 47. Representing the Extended H∞ Filter (EHF) as a Modified Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for Predicting the Range of the Robustness Bound -- Chapter 48. Performance Evaluation of Forward Error Correction Schemes in Wireless Body Area Networks -- Chapter 49. Simulating Self-Recovering Electric Circuits Using Neural Networks -- Chapter 50. Dynamic Scenarios in Embedded System Verification --  
505 0 |a Chapter 33. A High Performance Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Processor for FPGA Platform -- Chapter 34. Multi Focus and Multi Exposure Based Color Image Fusion for CWD -- Chapter 35. A Compact Analytical Model for 2-D Triple Material Surrounding Gate Nanowire Tunnel Field Effect Transistors -- Chapter 36. Application of Particle Swarm Optimization Technique in Thinned Hexagonal and Concentric Hexagonal Antenna Array for Side Lobe Level Reduction -- Chapter 37. Bearing only Tracking Using Sparse-grid Gauss-Hermite Filter -- Chapter 38. Novel Design and Implementation of Passive Infra-red Sensor in Steel Industry Automation -- Chapter 39. A Comparative Study of Feature Selection and Machine Learning Methods for Sentiment Classification on Movie Data Set -- Chapter 40. Enhancement of Transmission System Loadability During Contingency by Optimal Allocation of Facts Devices Using PSO --  
505 0 |a Chapter 1. Characterization of Fuzzy Tree Searches: A Perspective -- Chapter 2. A Modified SOM Based RBFN for Rotation Invariant Clear and Occluded Fingerprint Recognition -- Chapter 3. An Unsupervised OCA based RBFN for Clear and Occluded Face Identification -- Chapter 4. Analyzing the Impact of Human Behaviour over Machine Learning -- Chapter 5. An Improved RC4 with Statistical Analysis on Cipher Texts -- Chapter 6. Gathering of Mobile Robots in Presence of Horizontal Obstacles -- Chapter 7. Design of Wireless Sensor Node to Measure Vibration and Environment Parameter for Structural Health Monitoring Application -- Chapter 8. Economic Load Dispatch considering non-smooth Cost Functions Using Predator Prey Optimization -- Chapter 9. Sparse Denoising in Speckle Reduction: A Comparative Study of Dictionaries -- Chapter 10. Compact RS(32, 28) Encoder -- Chapter 11. Graphene-silicene Composite can increase the Efficiency of Cloud Computing --  
505 0 |a Chapter 60. ALabVIEW based Data Acquisition System in a Quarter Car Test Rig to Optimise Vehicle Suspension System -- Chapter 61. A Computational Structural Biology of SoxR and DNA: A Modelling and Interactive Discern to Express the sox Operon in Pseudaminobacter Salicylatoxidans (KCT001) for Global Sulphur Oxidation -- Chapter 62. Empirical Evaluations Using Character and Word n-grams on Authorship Attribution for Telugu Text 
653 |a Computational intelligence 
653 |a Artificial Intelligence 
653 |a Computational Intelligence 
653 |a Signal, Speech and Image Processing 
653 |a Artificial intelligence 
653 |a Signal processing 
700 1 |a Kar, Rajib  |e [editor] 
700 1 |a Das, Swagatam  |e [editor] 
700 1 |a Panigrahi, Bijaya Ketan  |e [editor] 
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520 |a The idea of the 1st International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications (ICICA 2014) is to bring the Research Engineers, Scientists, Industrialists, Scholars and Students together from in and around the globe to present the on-going research activities and hence to encourage research interactions between universities and industries. The conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas, applications and experiences, to establish research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. The proceedings covers latest progresses in the cutting-edge research on various research areas of Image, Language Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Computational Life Sciences, Management of Data including Big Data and Analytics, Distributed and Mobile Systems including Grid and Cloud infrastructure, Information Security and Privacy, VLSI, Electronic Circuits, Power Systems, Antenna, Computational fluid dynamics & Heat transfer, Intelligent Manufacturing, Signal Processing, Intelligent Computing, Soft Computing, Bio-informatics, Bio Computing, Web Security, Privacy and E-Commerce, E-governance, Service Orient Architecture, Data Engineering, Open Systems, Optimization, Communications, Smart wireless and sensor Networks, Smart Antennae, Networking and Information security, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing and Applications, Industrial Automation and MES, Cloud Computing, Green IT, IT for Rural Engineering, Business Computing, Business Intelligence, ICT for Education for solving hard problems, and finally to create awareness about these domains to a wider audience of practitioners