Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems Proceedings of ICPERES 2014

The book is a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed research papers presented in Proceedings of International Conference on Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems (ICPERES 2014) held at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, India. These research papers provide the latest developments...

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Other Authors: Kamalakannan, C. (Editor), Suresh, L. Padma (Editor), Dash, Subhransu Sekhar (Editor), Panigrahi, Bijaya Ketan (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: New Delhi Springer India 2015, 2015
Edition:1st ed. 2015
Series:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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100 1 |a Kamalakannan, C.  |e [editor] 
245 0 0 |a Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems  |h Elektronische Ressource  |b Proceedings of ICPERES 2014  |c edited by C. Kamalakannan, L. Padma Suresh, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, Bijaya Ketan Panigrahi 
250 |a 1st ed. 2015 
260 |a New Delhi  |b Springer India  |c 2015, 2015 
300 |a XXVIII, 1607 p. 1100 illus  |b online resource 
505 0 |a 32. Enhanced Controllers of DFIG with Unbalanced and Distorted Grid Voltage Conditions -- 33. FPGA Controlled Power Conditioning System for Solar PV Fed PMDC Motor -- 34. Genetic Algorithm Based Wind-Thermal Coordination Dispatch including Transmission Losses -- 35. A Novel MLI Topology with Reduced Power Switches -- 36. Optimal Placement and Sizing of Solar and Wind Based DGs in Distribution Systems for Power Loss Minimization and Economic Operation -- 37. Control of Three Phase to Three Phase Matrix Converter - A Direct Transfer Function Approach -- 38. Comparison of PI and PIR regulators for DFIG during Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions -- 39. Implementation of Direct Torque control for Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Logic Controller -- 40. Improvement of Power Quality in Distribution System Using D-STATCOM -- 41. Simulation and Optimization ofBiomass Based Hybrid Generation System for Rural Electrification --  
505 0 |a 71. Design and Implementation of Fractional Order Proportional Integral Controller for the Control of Aircraft Pitch Dynamics -- 72. An Independent Reconstruction Error Using Randomized Quantization -- 73. Mitigation of Power Quality Issues in Three Phase Four Wire Distribution System Employing Four-Leg D-STATCOM -- 74. Performance Investigation of Fuzzy logic Controlled MPPT for Energy Efficient Solar PV Systems -- 75. Identification of The Fractional Order First Order Plus Dead Time Parameters of Two Interacting Conical Tank Process Using Bee Colony Optimization Technique Minimizing Root Mean Square Error -- 76. Real Time simulation of Single Machine Infinite Bus system Using dSPACE Controller Board -- 77. Real Coded Genetic Algorithm Based Fractional Order PI Controller Design for Speed Control of IPMSM -- 78. Optimization of Photovoltaic Power Using PID MPPT Controller Based on Incremental Conductance Algorithm --  
505 0 |a 1. Analytical and Simulation Analysis of Stator Tooth on Cogging Torque of Brushless DC Motor Using Finite Element Analysis -- 2. Application of Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Based Matrix Converter as Revolutionized Power Electronic Converter -- 3. Performance Analysis of Bio Fuels and Gasoline in SI Engines -- 4. Simulation of Open Loop and Feedback Controlled Bridgeless PFC Boost Converter -- 5. Modeling and Simulation of Three-phase DCMLI Using SVPWM for Photovoltaic System -- 6. Quantification of Voltage Unbalance Conditions -- 7. Short Term Hydrothermal Scheduling of an Indian Utility System Using an Enhanced Bacterial Foraging Algorithm -- 8. Efficiency Modeling of High Gain DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Application -- 9. Reactive Power Optimization Using Firefly Algorithm -- 10. A New Real Time Approach for Reactive Power Control by STATCOM in Autonomous Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power System --  
505 0 |a 79. Development of a Universal Controller for Converter Based Switched Reluctance Motors -- 80. PSO Based Social Welfare Maximization of Wind Thermal Coordinated System in a Deregulated Market -- 81. Microcontroller Based BLDC Motor Drive For Commercial Applications -- 82. Forecasting India’s Electricity Consumption Using Particle Swarm Optimization -- 83. Frequency Regulation of Isolated Hybrid Wind/Diesel, Power Generation with Fuel Cell System -- 84. Residential Load Signature Analysis for Their Segregation Using Wavelet – SVM -- 85. Fuzzy-Based Torque Ripple Optimization and Digitalized Sector Selection in DTC Scheme -- 86. A Mobile Based Novice Detection of Driver’s Fatigue Level and Accident Reporting Solution -- 87. Analysis and Position Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives by Using Fuzzy Logic -- 88. Assessment of Six Phase Synchronous Generator Using Fuzzy Controller -- 89. Power Loss Minimization in Presence of Distributed Generation by DSM --  
505 0 |a 21. Grid Connected Multilevel Inverter and MPPT for Photovoltaic System -- 22. Implementation of Anti-islanding Scheme for a Grid Connected Inverter -- 23. THD Analysis of One-Cycle and PWM Controlled Active Power Filters -- 24. Simulation of PWM Controlled Double Half Bridge Inverter for Partly Coupled Induction Cooking System -- 25. Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic System Using Two Input And Two Output Fuzzy System -- 26. Performance of High Voltage Bushings Under Polluted Conditions -- 27. Simulation of Static Var Compensator in IEEE 14 Bus System for Enhancing Voltage Stability and Compensation -- 28. Study on Reflector Material Optimization of a Parabolic Solar Concentrator -- 29. A New Approach for Torque Ripple Minimization of PMBLDC Motor Drive -- 30. Grid Integration of Hybrid Generation Scheme for Optimal Switching Pattern Based Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter -- 31. Reactive Power Pricing Using Group Search Optimization in Deregulated Electricty Market --  
505 0 |a 100. Design and Analysis of Three Phase Four Wire Shunt Active Filter with Neural Network Controller for Different Loading Conditions -- 101. MPPT Measurement of Photo Voltaics System Under Partial Shading Conditions Using DPSO Algorithm -- 102. Cascaded Dual Buck Inverter with Sensorless Current Control Method for Grid Connected Photo Voltaic Systems -- 103. Steady State Analysis and Open Loop Modeling of Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor -- 104. Reli 
505 0 |a 11. Improving the Reliability of Wind Generators Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer -- 12. Rule Weight Tuned Fuzzy Controller For Robot Manipulator Using Quantum Inspired Firefly Algorithm -- 13. Design and Investigation of Solar Powered Soft Switched Z-Source Inverter -- 14. An Integrated Passive Islanding Detection Method for Grid Connected PV Distributed Generators -- 15. Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Variable Step Size Based Adaptive Filtering with Performance Measure -- 16. Simulation and Experimental Verification of MPPT Algorithms for Partially Shaded Stand-alone Photovoltaic Systems -- 17. Performance Comparison of D-STATCOM and SVC for Mitigation of Voltage Flicker in Electric Arc Furnace Using PSCAD/EMTDC -- 18. The Influence of Floor Tile Colour on Lighting and Energy saving -- 19. Voltage Control of Fixed Speed Wind Farm Under Unbalanced Grid Faults Using Dvr -- 20. Smart Indian Railways: An Environment Friendly Model --  
505 0 |a 61. Multiple Winding Linear Transformer for Interleaved Step-up ZVT Converter -- 62. Embedded Based PFC Converter for an Air Conditioner with BLDC Motor -- 63. Photovoltaic Power System Application Using Energy Stored Quasi z Source Inverter -- 64. Power Management of a Grid Connected PV/Battery -- 65. Design and Comparative Analysis of Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter for Eliminating Total Harmonics Using High Switching Frequency Techniques -- 66. PID Control of SAPF for Elimination of Harmonics in Power System Based on DQ Reference Frame Theory -- 67. Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System Using Unified Power Quality Conditioner -- 68. Hybrid Power System Based Load Sharing and Maintaining the DC Voltage in UPS System -- 69. Analysis of Full Bridge LCC Resonant Converter for Wide Load Variations -- 70. Power Quality Improvement using Multilevel Inverter Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer with PI Controller --  
505 0 |a 90. Comparative Study of Prototype and Simulation of SVC for Transmission Congestion Management -- 91. Design Aspect of Blade Shape and Position for the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine -- 92. Placement and Sizing of D-Statcom Using Particle Swarm Optimization -- 93. Fault Tolerant Soft Starter Control for Induction Motors -- 94. A Novel Soft switched Positive Output Super Lift Luo Converter for Li-Ion Battery Charging -- 95. Reduction in Ripples Using Interleaved Soft Switching Boost Converter for Hybrid Power Generation System -- 96. Implementation of Reactor and Capacitor in Adjustable Speed Drive for Power Quality Problem -- 97. Yaw Control of Wind Turbine Using Fuzzy Logic Controller -- 98. Overload Protection and Speed Monitoring of Induction Motor Using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Networks andGSM Technology -- 99. Thermal Analysis of Switched Reluctance Machine under Steady State and Transient Conditions Using Finite Element Method --  
505 0 |a 42. Application of H-Bridge Converter Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer to Protect a Sensitive Load on Polluted Distribution Network -- 43. Power Control of Wind Turbine Driven Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Using Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm -- 44. Performance Evaluation of Differential Evolution and Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms for Power Loss Optimization of a Worm Gear Mechanism -- 45. An Improved Buck Boost Converter Using Auxiliary Resonance for Photo Voltaic Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer -- 46. A Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Multi Converter UPQC to mitigate the Power Quality Problems -- 47. Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Controlled Single phase Active Power Line Conditioner under non sinusoidal supply condition: A Comparison -- 48. Design and Implementation of SMR Based Bidirectional Laptop Adapter -- 49. Analysis of Different Current Commutation Technique in Matrix converter --  
505 0 |a 50. Performance Comparison of DC to DC Boost Converters for Solar Power Installation System -- 51. DC-DC Converter Based on Cockcroft-Walton for High Voltage Gain -- 52. New direct torque control algorithm for high performance induction motor -- 53. Performance Analysis of Induction Generator Using Computational Technique -- 54. Performance Analysis of Efficiency Enrichment Technique for SPVPGS: An Experimental Assessment -- 55. Cable Laying Precautions in Offshore Wind Farms with Reactive Power Compensation -- 56. Single Phase Soft Switching Techniques Power Factor Correction Converter -- 57. Cuckoo search algorithm for short term hydrothermal scheduling -- 58. Performance of Phase-Shift Control Using High-Efficiency Switched-Capacitor-Based Resonant Converter -- 59. Single Stage High Voltage Gain Boost Converter For Battery Charging Using PV Panels Midhun.P.M -- 60. An Effective Energy Management with Photovoltaic Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using PI And Fuzzy Logic Controller --  
653 |a Renewable Energy 
653 |a Electric power production 
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653 |a Electrical engineering 
653 |a Electrical Power Engineering 
653 |a Renewable energy sources 
700 1 |a Suresh, L. Padma  |e [editor] 
700 1 |a Dash, Subhransu Sekhar  |e [editor] 
700 1 |a Panigrahi, Bijaya Ketan  |e [editor] 
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520 |a The book is a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed research papers presented in Proceedings of International Conference on Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems (ICPERES 2014) held at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai, India. These research papers provide the latest developments in the broad area of Power Electronics and Renewable Energy. The book discusses wide variety of industrial, engineering and scientific applications of the emerging techniques. It presents invited papers from the inventors/originators of new applications and advanced technologies