Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics : Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematical Physics Held in Lausanne, Switzerland August 20–25, 1979

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245 0 0 |a Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics  |h Elektronische Ressource  |b Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematical Physics Held in Lausanne, Switzerland August 20–25, 1979  |c edited by K. Osterwalder 
250 |a 1st ed. 1980 
260 |a Berlin, Heidelberg  |b Springer Berlin Heidelberg  |c 1980, 1980 
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505 0 |a Properties of continuous maps of the interval to itself -- Remarks on the accumulation of period-doubling bifurcations -- An overview of supersymmetry and supergravity -- Superspace aspects of supersymmetry and supergravity -- Symmetries of supergravity models -- A review of derivations -- Thermal equilibrium and correlation inequalities -- On the possible temperatures of a C*-dynamical system -- A review on semigroups of completely positive maps -- Pseudospaces, pseudogroups and pontriagin duality 
505 0 |a Instability of phase coexistence and translation invariance in two dimensions -- Topology and defects in ordered media -- Debye screening in classical statistical mechanics -- Equilibrium properties of classical systems with long-range forces -- On the lack of Fréchet differentiability in more phase regions -- Long time tail for spacially inhomogeneous random walks -- Why is there a solid state? -- Some remarks on the surface tension -- Analytic structure of Green's functions in quantum field theory -- Constructive field theory -- 1/N expansion-some rigorous results -- The renormalization group in the euclidean scalar superrenormalizable field theories -- Expansion and summability methods in constructive field theory -- The physical-region multiparticle S matrix -- Quantized gauge fields: Results and problems -- Clustering, charge-screening and the mass-spectrum in local quantum field theory --  
505 0 |a The ultraviolet stability bounds for some lattice ? - models and lattice Higgs-Kibble models -- Mathematical aspects of quantum field theory in curved space-time -- Classical and quantum aspects of the inverse scattering method -- Magnetic monopoles and non-abelian gauge theories -- to papers presented at the gauge theory session -- The unification of physics -- Gauge theories of gravitation -- Supergravity as a gauge theory derived from matter coupling -- Gravitational instantons: A survey -- Instantons and line geometry -- Geometric aspects of symmetry breaking in gauge theories -- Invariance conditions for gauge fields -- Nonlinear group representations and the linearizability of nonlinear equations -- Determinants, Green Functions and induced action -- Spin gauge theory of electric and magnetic spinors -- Spin structures and gauge theory -- Recent results on differentiable dynamical systems -- On some systems motivated by the Lorenz equations: Numerical results --  
505 0 |a Recent developments in quantum scattering theory -- Schrödinger operators with electric or magnetic fields -- A new method for asymptotic completeness -- Pathological spectral properties -- Proff that the H- ion has only one bound state: A review, a new result, and some related unsolved problems -- Number of eigenvalues of many-body Hamiltonians and Efimov's effect -- On the exponential fall off of wavefunctions and electron densities -- Exact results for confining potentials -- The quasi-classical limit of quantum scattering theory -- Semiclassical quantum mechanics for coherent states -- Random schrödinger operators some rigorous results -- On the scattering problem with indefinite metric -- Some open problems about Coulomb systems -- Time dependent phenomena in statistical mechanics -- Holonomic Quantum Fields — The unanticipated link between deformation theory of differential equations and quantum fields — --  
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653 |a Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics 
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