Romanian-Finnish Seminar on Complex Analysis : Proceedings, Bucharest, Romania, June 27 - July 2, 1976

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Other Authors: Andreian Cazacu, C. (Editor), Cornea, A. (Editor), Jurchescu, M. (Editor), Suciu, I. (Editor)
Format: eBook
Published: Berlin, Heidelberg Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1979, 1979
Edition:1st ed. 1979
Series:Lecture Notes in Mathematics
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Table of Contents:
  • An almost everywhere regular, metrizable boundary supporting the maximal representing measures for bounded and quasibounded harmonic functions
  • What is the right solution of the dirichlet problem?
  • Banach-Stone-type theorems for harmonic spaces
  • Multiplicative properties of elliptic boundary value problems
  • On the hyperharmonic functions associated with a degenerated elliptic operator
  • Boundary value problems for composite type systems of first order partial differential equations
  • Sur le mouvement en milieux poreux avec charge variable sur le contour
  • On variational methods for Hammerstein equations
  • Die Permanenzeigenschaften der Tensorprodukte von Banachverbanden
  • Constraint strongly monotone operators
  • Fatou and Szegö theorems for operator valued functions
  • On a theorem of P. Levy
  • Analytic functional calculus and Martinelli’s formula
  • Some results on abstract differential equations and inequalities
  • A remark on the weak backward cauchy problem
  • Quasiconformal mappings in normed spaces
  • On some convergence problems for quasiconformal mappings
  • On boundary values of quasiconformal mappings in space
  • Asymptotic values and angular limits of quasiregular mappings
  • On some subclasses of Bazilevi? functions
  • A practical method for the computation of the zeros of complex polynomials
  • Konstruktion vollständiger Minimalflächen von endlicher Gesamtkrümmung — eine Anwendung der klassischen Theorie der Funktionen und Differentiale auf kompakten Riemannschen Flächen
  • Generalized polynomials of the best Lp-approximation subject to interpolatory constraints
  • Second order differential inequalities in the complex plane
  • An extremal problem for the transfinite diameter of a continuum
  • Alpha-close-to-convex functions
  • On a coefficient inequality for schlicht functions
  • On holomorphic mappings of annuli into annuli
  • Estimates of the Riemann mapping function near a boundary point
  • Properties of starlikeness and convexity preserved by some integral operators
  • Carleson-sets and fixed-points of schlicht functions
  • Le lieu réduit et le lieu normal d’un morphisme
  • The Hilbert-Samuel polynomials of a proper morphism
  • Un théorème d’annulation sur les variétés faiblement 1-complètes
  • Reperes de Frenet en geometrie hermitienne
  • Holomorphic spaces
  • Holomorphe Transformationsgruppen mit kompakten Bahnen
  • Variétés mixtes
  • Projections and liftings of exact holomorphic forms. Applications to the cauchy problem
  • Principal holomorphic fiber bundles as applied to topological algebras
  • On the dualizing complex
  • The ‘restraum’ problem for 1-convex spaces
  • Ein inverses Problem der Wärmeleitungsgleichung, I
  • Pseudo projections and balayage in algebraic potential theory
  • Hilbertian and lattice theoretical methods in potential theory
  • Approximating, majorizing, and extending functions defined on unbounded sets
  • On certain subloci of Teichmüller space
  • Limit theorems and estimates for extremal rings of high dimension
  • Some problems in quasiconformality
  • An application of quasiconformal mappings to topology
  • Estimate of exceptional sets for quasiconformal mappings in space
  • The behaviour of some metrics on Riemann surfaces in respect with quasiconformal mappings
  • On Klein — Maskit combination theorems
  • Remarks on a class of quasisymmetric mappings
  • To the problem of the supports of Beltrami differentials for Kleinian groups
  • Gauss-Thomsonsches Prinzip minimaler Energie, verallgemeinerte transfinite Durchmesser und quasikonforme Abbildungen
  • Parametrization and boundary correspondence for Teichmüller mappings in an annulus
  • On the boundary value problem for quasiconformal mappings
  • Regularity of conformal mappings of Riemannian manifolds
  • Quasiregular mappings and value distribution
  • Isolated singularity of the mean quasiconformal mappings