Ecosystem Management Selected Readings

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Main Authors: Samson, Fred B., Knopf, Fritz L. (Author)
Format: eBook
Published: New York, NY Springer New York 1996, 1996
Edition:1st ed. 1996
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Collection: Springer Book Archives -2004 - Collection details see MPG.ReNa
Table of Contents:
  • 31. Scale and Biodiversity Policy: A Hierarchical Approach
  • 32. Population, Sustainability, and Earth’s Carrying Capacity
  • 33. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function
  • 12. Management Practices in Tallgrass Prairie: Large- and Small-Scale Experimental Effects on Species Composition
  • 13. Fire History and Vegetation Dynamics of a Chamaecyparis Thyoides Wetland on Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • 14. Organisms as Ecosystem Engineers
  • 15. Modeling Complex Ecological Economic Systems: Toward an Evolutionary, Dynamic Understanding of People and Nature
  • 16. Disturbance, Diversity, and Invasion: Implications for Conservation
  • 3: Emphasize Biotic Integrity
  • 17. Biological Invasions and Ecosystem Processes: Towards an Integration of Population Biology and Ecosystem Studies
  • 18. No Park Is an Island: Increase in Interference from Outside as Park Size Decreases
  • 19. Community-Wide Consequences of Trout Introduction in New Zealand Streams
  • 20. Variation Among Desert Topminnows in Their Susceptibility to Attack by Exotic Parasites
  • 21. A Test of the VegetationMosaic Hypothesis: A Hypothesis to Explain the Decline and Extinction of Australian Mammals
  • 1: Understand Diversity
  • 1. Biodiversity and Stability in Grasslands
  • 2. Biological Diversity: Where Is It?
  • 3. Neotropical Mammals and the Myth of Amazonian Biodiversity
  • 4. Conservation of Stream Fishes: Patterns of Diversity, Rarity, and Risk
  • 5. Scale Perspectives on Avian Diversity in Western Riparian Ecosystems
  • 6. Beyond “Hotspots”: How to Prioritize Investments to Conserve Biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific Region
  • 7. Avian Community Dynamics are Discordant in Space and Time
  • 8. Identifying Extinction Threats: Global Analyses of the Distribution of Biodiversity and the Expansion of the Human Enterprise
  • 2: Restore Ecological Processes
  • 9. The Preservation of Process: The Missing Element of Conservation Programs
  • 10. Disturbance and Population Structure on the Shifting Mosaic Landscape
  • 11. Fire Frequency and Community Heterogeneity in Tallgrass Prairie Vegetation
  • 22. Fish Assemblage Recovery Along a Riverine Disturbance Gradient
  • 23. Plant Invasions and the Role of Riparian Habitats: A Comparison of Four Species Alien to Central Europe
  • 24. Biological Integrity Versus Biological Diversity as Policy Directives: Protecting Biotic Resources
  • 4: Promote Ecological Sustainability
  • 25. Great Ideas in Ecology for the 1990s
  • 26. Can Extractive Reserves Save the Rain Forest? An Ecological and Socioeconomic Comparison of Nontimber Forest Product Extraction Systems in Petén, Guatemala, and West Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • 27. Sustainable Use of the Tropical Rain Forest: Evidence from the Avifauna in a Shifting-Cultivation Habitat Mosaic in the Colombian Amazon
  • 28. The Effects of Management Systems on Ground-Foraging Ant Diversity in Costa Rica
  • 29. An Approach for Managing Vertebrate Diversity Across Multiple-Use Landscapes
  • 30. Cross-Scale Morphology, Geometry, and Dynamics of Ecosystems