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020 |a 9783540316138 
100 1 |a Fischer, Klaus  |e [editor] 
245 0 0 |a Socionics  |h Elektronische Ressource  |b Scalability of Complex Social Systems  |c edited by Klaus Fischer, Michael Florian, Thomas Malsch 
250 |a 1st ed. 2005 
260 |a Berlin, Heidelberg  |b Springer Berlin Heidelberg  |c 2005, 2005 
300 |a X, 315 p  |b online resource 
505 0 |a Contribution of Socionics to the Scalability of Complex Social Systems: Introduction -- Contribution of Socionics to the Scalability of Complex Social Systems: Introduction -- I Multi-layer Modelling -- From “Clean” Mechanisms to “Dirty” Models: Methodological Perspectives of an Up-Scaling of Actor Constellations -- Sociological Foundation of the Holonic Approach Using Habitus-Field-Theory to Improve Multiagent Systems -- Linking Micro and Macro Description of Scalable Social Systems Using Reference Nets -- II Concepts for Organization and Self-Organization -- Building Scalable Virtual Communities — Infrastructure Requirements and Computational Costs -- Organization: The Central Concept for Qualitative and Quantitative Scalability -- Agents Enacting Social Roles. Balancing Formal Structure and Practical Rationality in MAS Design -- Scalability, Scaling Processes, and the Management of Complexity. A System Theoretical Approach -- III The Emergence of Social Structures -- On the Organisation of Agent Experience: Scaling Up Social Cognition -- Trust and the Economy of Symbolic Goods: A Contribution to the Scalability of Open Multi-agent Systems -- Coordination in Scaling Actor Constellations -- From Conditional Commitments to Generalized Media: On Means of Coordination Between Self-Governed Entities -- IV From an Agent-Centred to a Communication-Centred Perspective -- Scalability and the Social Dynamics of Communication. On Comparing Social Network Analysis and Communication-Oriented Modelling as Models of Communication Networks -- Multiagent Systems Without Agents — Mirror-Holons for the Compilation and Enactment of Communication Structures -- Communication Systems: A Unified Model of Socially Intelligent Systems 
653 |a Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences 
653 |a Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems 
653 |a Computation by Abstract Devices 
653 |a Sociology, general 
653 |a Special purpose computers 
653 |a Computers 
653 |a Application software 
653 |a Artificial Intelligence 
653 |a Computers and Society 
653 |a Sociology 
653 |a Artificial intelligence 
653 |a Computers and civilization 
700 1 |a Florian, Michael  |e [editor] 
700 1 |a Malsch, Thomas  |e [editor] 
710 2 |a SpringerLink (Online service) 
041 0 7 |a eng  |2 ISO 639-2 
989 |b Springer  |a Springer eBooks 2005- 
490 0 |a Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 
856 |u https://doi.org/10.1007/11594116?nosfx=y  |x Verlag  |3 Volltext 
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