Ernst Zimmermann

Ernst Christoph Philipp Zimmermann (18 September 1786 in Darmstadt – 24 June 1832 in Darmstadt) was a German classical philologist and theologian. He was the brother of theologian Karl Zimmermann (1803–1877).

He studied at the Darmstadt gymnasium as a pupil of historian Helfrich Bernhard Wenck, and afterwards furthered his education at the University of Giessen (1803–05). In 1805 he became a clergyman in the community of Auerbach (today a district of Bensheim), then in 1809 was named deacon in Gross-Gerau and pastor in nearby Büttelborn. In 1814 he was appointed court deacon at the Hofkirche in Darmstadt, where two years later he became a court preacher. In 1831 he attained the titles of prelate, ecclesiastical superintendent and ''Oberkonsistorialrat'' (chief consistorial councilor).

He was founder of the publications ''Allgemeine Kirchenzeitung'' (since 1822) and ''Allgemeine Schul-Zeitung'' (since 1824). A collection of his sermons at the Hofkirche in Darmstadt was published in eight volumes (1816–30). Provided by Wikipedia