Emperor Xiaoming of Northern Wei

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!align=center style="background:#ccf; border-bottom:2px solid" colspan=2|(Bei) Wei Xiaomingdi ((北)魏孝明帝) |- |align=right style="border-top:1px solid"|Family name:||style="border-top:1px solid"|Yuan (元, yuán) |- |align=right style="border-top:1px solid"|Given name:||style="border-top:1px solid"|Xu (詡, xǔ) |- |align=right style="border-top:1px solid"|Temple name:||style="border-top:1px solid"|Suzong (肅宗, sù zōng) |- |align=right style="border-top:1px solid"|Posthumous name:||style="border-top:1px solid"|Xiaoming (孝明, xiào míng),
literary meaning:
"filial and understanding" |- |}

Emperor Xiaoming of Northern Wei ((北)魏孝明帝) (510 – March 31, 528), personal name Yuan Xu (元詡), was an emperor of the Xianbei dynasty Northern Wei (386–535). He ascended the throne in the age of five (515), so governmental matters were dominated by his mother Empress Dowager Hu (with an intervening regency by the official Yuan Cha from 520 to 525). In 528, Emperor Xiaoming tried to curb his mother's powers and kill her lover Zheng Yan (鄭儼) by conspiring with the general Erzhu Rong. As a result, 18-year-old emperor was poisoned by his mother, who was soon overthrown by Erzhu. From that point on, Northern Wei royal lineage had no actual power. The next ruler, Emperor Xiaozhuang (507–531) was established by Erzhu. Since Erzhu's rival, general Gao Huan, enthroned another royal offspring, the country was soon split in two rival polities, Eastern and Western Wei, both of which did not hold long on the political map of the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Provided by Wikipedia

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