Thomas Williamson

Thomas or Tom Williamson may refer to: * Tom Williamson, Baron Williamson (1897–1983), British trade union leader and Member of Parliament * Tom Williamson (English footballer) (born 1984), English footballer * Tom Williamson (Australian footballer) (born 1998), Australian footballer * Tom Williamson (Scottish footballer) (1901–1988), Scottish footballer * Thomas Williamson (Australian politician) (1853–1921), New South Wales politician * Tom Williamson (golfer) (1880–1950), English professional golfer * Thomas Smith Williamson (1800–1879), American physician and missionary * Tom Williamson (actor) (born 1990), American actor * Thomas Wilson Williamson (1887–1974), American architect * Thomas Williamson (surgeon) (1815–1885), Scottish surgeon and medical officer of health Provided by Wikipedia

by Williamson, Thomas
Published 1813
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