Karl Weber

Karl Weber may refer to: *Karl Weber (German politician) (1898–1985), West Germany's Minister of Justice from April to October 1965 *Karl-Heinz Weber (1922–1944), German World War II flying ace *Karl Ivanovich Weber (1841–1910), Russian diplomat *Karl Jakob Weber (1712–1764), Swiss architect and engineer; led first organized excavations at Herculaneum, Pompeii and Stabiae *Karl Julius Weber (1767–1832), German writer and satirist *Karl Weber (actor) (1918–1990), actor in long-running American soap opera ''Guiding Light'' *Karl Otto Weber (1827–1867), German surgeon and pathologist *Karl Weber (art director) (1897–1965), German art director *Karl Weber, mayor of Hadres, Hollabrunn, Lower Austria, Austria Provided by Wikipedia

by Weber, Karl Emil
Published 1909

by Constantinescu, Corneliu, Filter, Wolfgang, Weber, Karl
Published 1998
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