Nikolai Vekšin

Nikolai Vekšin (; in Haapsalu, Governorate of Estonia, Russian Empire – 15 January 1951 in Norillag, Norilsk, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union) was a Russian Estonian sailor who competed in the 1928 Summer Olympics.

Vekšin graduated from the Karl May School and the Imperator's Petersburg Institute of Technology. He began sailing in 1911 in the Imperial St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

In the 1912 Summer Olympics he was a reserve sailor of the Russian team.

During the Russian Civil War, Vekšin served as an officer in the White Army.

In 1928 he was the captain of the Estonian boat ''Tutti V'' which won the bronze medal in the 6 metre class. The crew also included (William von Wirén, Georg Faehlmann, Andreas Faehlmann and Eberhard Vogdt) It was the only case in the history of Olympics then five Estonian sportspeople got medals in the same event.

After World War II and the Soviet re-occupation of Estonia Vekshin continued yacht racing. He won a silver medal of the USSR championship in 1945. He received his Soviet Master of sports title the same year.

Vekšin was arrested in 1949. He died in the Norillag prison camp in Norilsk, northern Siberia. Provided by Wikipedia

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