John Todd

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*John Todd (British biologist), British biologist working on diabetes mellitus *John Todd (businessman) (1927–2015), New Zealand businessman *John Todd (Virginia) (1750–1782), early Virginia official, Kentucky soldier, and great-uncle of Mary Todd Lincoln *John Todd (author) (1800–1873), American minister and author *John Blair Smith Todd (1814–1872), delegate to US Congress from Dakota Territory *John Todd (abolitionist) (1818–1894), preacher and 'conductor' on the Underground Railroad *John Todd (actor) (1876–1957), US actor who played Tonto on the ''Lone Ranger'' radio series *John Todd (RAF officer) (1899–1980), British World War I flying ace *John Arthur Todd (1908–1994), British geometer *John Todd (footballer) (born 1938), Australian football player and coach *John Todd (Canadian biologist) (born 1939), Canadian biologist working in the field of ecological design *John (Jack) Todd (1911–2007), American mathematician and pioneer in the field of numerical analysis *John Todd (politician), Canadian politician from the Northwest Territories *John Todd (conspiracy theorist) (1949–2007), source for fundamentalist Baptist author Jack Chick *John Lancelot Todd (1876–1949), Canadian physician and parasitologist *John Payne Todd (1792–1852), step-son of U.S. President James Madison *John Todd (bishop), Anglican bishop in the early 17th century *John Baptist Todd (1921–2017), Pakistani Franciscan priest *John J. Todd (born 1927), Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court *John Kennedy Todd (1852–1925), Scottish rugby union player *John Todd (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1910s and 1920s *John Rawling Todd (1929–2002), British colonial civil servant Provided by Wikipedia

by Todd, John
Published 1763
Printed by Andrew Steuart; at the Bible-in-Heart, in Second Street

by Todd, John
Published 1795

by Todd, John
Published 1979
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by Todd, John
Published 1977
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by Todd, John W.
Published 1981
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by Todd, John Edwards
Published 1864

by Hopkinson, Francis
Published 1763
Printed by Andrew Steuart, and sold at his printing-office, at the Bible-in-Heart in Second-Street
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