Ann Thomas

Ann Thomas may refer to:

*Ann Maddocks, née Ann Thomas, Welsh maid *Ann Griffiths, née Ann Thomas, Welsh writer *Ann Thomas (darts player) in World Masters (darts) Provided by Wikipedia

by Thomas, Ann
Published 1795
printed by P. Nettleton, for the authoress, at Millbrook; of whom they may be had; and of Messrs. Nettleton, Wills, and Barnikel, in Plymouth; Mr. Huss, Stonehouse; Messrs. Hoxland, Fraser, and Heydon, Dock; and of Mr. Woolmer, Bookseller, Exeter

by Thomas, Ann
Published 1784
printed and sold by M. Haydon and Son, Pike-Street; sold also by B. Law, Ave-Mary-Lane, London; R. Goadby, Sherborne; R. Trewman, Exeter; and by the author, at Millbrook

by Thomas, AnnMarie
Published 2014
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Published 2012
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