David Talbot

(L–R): former President [[Bill Clinton]], White House adviser [[Mark Penn]], David Talbot David Talbot (born September 22, 1951) is an American journalist, author and media executive. He is the founder, former CEO and editor-in-chief of an early web magazine, ''Salon''. Talbot founded ''Salon'' in 1995. The magazine gained a large following and broke several major national stories. It was described by ''Entertainment Weekly'' as one of the Net's "few genuine must-reads".

Since leaving ''Salon'', Talbot has researched and written on the Kennedy assassination and other areas of what he calls "hidden history." Talbot has worked as a senior editor for ''Mother Jones'' magazine and a features editor for ''The San Francisco Examiner'', and has written for ''Time'' magazine, ''The New Yorker'', ''Rolling Stone'', and other publications. Provided by Wikipedia

by Talbot, David
Published 1755
Printed by W. Sleater, at Pope's-Head on Cork-Hill

by Chand, Mahesh, Talbot, David
Published 2003