Matthias Christian Sprengel

Matthias Christian Sprengel (24 August 1746, in Rostock – 7 January 1803, in Halle an der Saale) was a German geographer and historian. He was notably the author of works on North American history, the American Revolution and Maratha history.

He studied history at the University of Göttingen as a pupil of August Ludwig von Schlözer. In 1778 he became an associate professor, and during the following year, relocated to the University of Halle as a full professor of history. At Halle he worked closely with Johann Reinhold Forster, who in time, became Sprengel's father-in-law.

From 1800 onward, he was editor of [ ''Bibliothek der neuesten und wichtigsten Reisebeschreibungen''] ("Library of the latest and most important travelogues"). Provided by Wikipedia