Solomon Southwick

Solomon Southwick (December 25, 1773 – November 18, 1839) was an American newspaper publisher and political figure who was a principal organizer of the Anti-Masonic Party.

Born in Newport, Rhode Island, Southwick was apprenticed as a baker and trained as a commercial sailor. In 1792, he relocated to Albany, New York to work for the ''Albany Register'' newspaper, of which he later became editor and publisher. He also became affiliated with the Democratic-Republican Party and served in a variety of elected and appointed political positions.

In the 1820s, Southwick left the Democratic-Republicans and the ''Albany Register'', and he edited a variety of agricultural and religious newspapers. He also played a major part in founding the Anti-Masonic Party and was its 1828 candidate for Governor of New York. After the Anti-Masons were supplanted by the Whigs as the major alternative to the Democratic Party, Southwick decided to forgo further involvement in politics. He became a successful speaker and lecturer and remained active until his death in Albany. Provided by Wikipedia

Published 1773
Printed and sold by Solomon Southwick, in Queen-Street
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by Fothergill, Samuel
Published 1768
Bristol printed; and Newport, Rhode-Island, reprinted, and sold by Solomon Southwick
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Published 1774
Printed by Solomon Southwick, printer to the Honorable the General Assembly
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