Frans Balthazar Solvyns

Road in Bengal Frans Balthazar Solvyns (or François Balt(h)azar(d); also Baltazar Solvijns, Frans Balthazar Solvijns, Balthazar Solvijns) (6 July 1760 – 10 October 1824) was a Belgian marine painter and journeyman artist, who lived in Calcutta (present-day Kolkata) between 1791 and 1803. He is considered one of the early pioneers in the field of print-making in India, along with Thomas Daniell. His collection of etchings provide a portrait of Calcutta's 18th century history, and the people and customs of Bengal. His encyclopedic and systematic approach made him a pioneer of the systematic ethnography of the Indian population. His work had an important influence on 19th century Indian painting. Provided by Wikipedia