Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith is the name of:

*Anthony Charles Smith (born 1950), Liberal Party of Australia politician *Anthony D. Smith (1939–2016), British sociologist specialising in nationalism studies *Anthony Lamar Smith, an American man who was killed by a police officer in 2011; see Shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith *Anthony Neil Smith, American mystery/crime fiction writer *Anthony Thomas Smith (1935–2017), British lawyer and Liberal Party politician *Anthony Smith (Australian footballer) (born 1951), Australian rules footballer *Anthony Smith (cricketer) (born 1930), former English cricketer *Anthony Smith (defensive end) (born 1967), former American football player *Anthony Smith (explorer) (1926–2014), British science writer and balloonist, former RAF pilot *Anthony Smith (mixed martial artist) (born 1988), American mixed martial artist *Anthony Smith (rescuer) (1894–1964), George Cross recipient for civilian action in WWII, former WWI Royal Marine *Anthony Smith (politician) (1844–?), former senator from West Virginia *Anthony Smith (producer) (born 1938), British broadcaster, author and academic, President of Magdalen College, Oxford University *Anthony Smith (singer), American country music singer-songwriter and musician *Anthony Smith (safety) (born 1983), American football player *Anthony Smith (sculptor), (born 1984), British sculptor *Anthony Smith (born 2008), American hearing-impaired 4-year old comic book fan, see Blue Ear *Antony Smith, a murdered Canadian gang member of the Dixon City Bloods gang; see Timeline of Rob Ford video scandal *Tone Lōc (Anthony Terrell Smith, born 1966), American musician Provided by Wikipedia

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