Brian Shannon

Brian Shannon Brian Shannon, CMT (November 16, 1967) is an American author and technical analyst. Shannon published his acclaimed book entitled ''[ Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes]'' in 2008 to educate beginning and intermediate day traders on the tools and techniques that have made him "one of the best indie traders in the business". The book received [ mixed reviews] but ultimately was received well by novice day traders.

In the book ''The [ Stocktwits Edge],'' Howard Lindzon wrote "it is not by accident that about one-third of the traders featured in this book point to Brian as a mentor who has had the biggest impact on their careers."

Shannon runs a swing and day trading service which is focused on: low risk, high probability trade ideas presented as daily educational videos and a chat room through his Alphatrends web site as well as live webinars.

Shannon trades using [ multiple timeframes]. He is known to have a weekly chart, a daily chart, a 30-minute timeframe, a 15-minute timeframe and a five-minute timeframe so he can see five time-frames at once. This allows Shannon to see the interplay of bigger trends with shorter-term timeframe trends.

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