Thomas Richardson

Thomas or Tom Richardson may refer to:

*Thomas Richardson (judge) (1569–1635), Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales *Tom Richardson (cricketer) (1870–1912), English cricketer *Thomas Richardson (chemist) (1816–1867), English industrial chemist and historian *Thomas Richardson (cricketer) (1865–1923), cricketer *Thomas Richardson (wrestler) (born 1956), professional wrestler known by his stage name of Tommy "Wildfire" Rich *Vic Richardson (Australian soldier) (Thomas William Victor Richardson, 1891–1968), World War I Australian soldier and diarist *T. D. Richardson (Thomas Dow Richardson, 1887–1971), British figure skater *Thomas Richardson (Labour politician) (1876–1945), British Labour Party politician, MP 1910–1918 *Thomas Richardson (Hartlepool MP, born 1821) (1821–1890), English manufacturer of marine engines and Liberal (later Liberal Unionist) MP for Hartlepool 1874–75 and 1880–90 *Thomas Richardson (cartographer), 18th century Scottish cartographer *Thomas Richardson (businessman) (1771–1853), investor and director of the Stockton and Darlington Railway and founder of Middlesbrough *Thomas Richardson (Hartlepool MP, born 1846) (1846–1906), English Liberal Unionist politician, MP for Hartlepool 1895–1900 *Thomas Miles Richardson (1784–1848), English landscape-painter *Thomas Richardson, 2nd Lord Cramond (1627–1674), English politician *Thomas P. Richardson (1816–1881), Massachusetts politician *Tom Richardson (footballer) (1891–?), English footballer *Tom Richardson (baseball) (1883–1939), American Major League Baseball player *Tom Richardson (American football) (born 1944), American football wide receiver Provided by Wikipedia

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