by Ravizzotti, Gaetano
Published 1800
de la emprenta de J.S. Hollis, Impressor y Mercader De Libros. Ano MDCCC.. Se vende tambien par Mowman, 22, Poultry; Longman & Co. Pater-Noster Row; Mess. Robinsons Do; Cadell & Davies Strand; Duban & Co. Soho Square; Carpenter Old Bond Street; Jordan Hoockam, 100, New Bond Street; and at the author's [London] Woodhouse's, 10, Lower Brook Street, Grosvenor Square

by Ravizzotti, Gaetano
Published 1797
printed for the author, by J.W. Myers, No. 2, Paternoster-Row; and May be had of All the Booksellers