John Pickering

John Pickering may refer to:

* John Pickering (dramatist), author of the play ''Horestes'' first published in 1567 * John Pickering (MP) (1585–1628), MP for Northamptonshire, 1626 * John Pickering (soldier) (died 1645), colonel of a regiment in the New Model Army * John Pickering (judge) (1737–1805), American politician and judge * John Pickering (Massachusetts politician), List of speakers of the Massachusetts House of Representatives * John Pickering (linguist) (1777–1846), American linguist * John Pickering (Australian politician) (c.1815–1891), South Australian politician * John Pickering (musician), lead singer with The Picks, US vocal trio of the 1950s * John E. Pickering (1918–1997) pioneer in the field of radiobiology, aviation medicine and space medicine and a Colonel in the United States Air Force * John Frederick Pickering (1939–2018), professor and economic and business consultant, former member of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission and church commissioner * John H. Pickering (1916–2005), founding partner of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, which became one of Washington D.C.'s most prominent law firms * John Pickering (footballer) (1944–2001), professional footballer, coach and manager Provided by Wikipedia