Franz Pfemfert

Memorial plaque to Pfemfert, Nassauische Straße 17, [[Berlin-Wilmersdorf Franz Pfemfert (20 November 1879, Lötzen, East Prussia (now Giżycko, Poland) – 26 May 1954, Mexico City) was a German journalist, editor of ''Die Aktion'', literary critic, politician and portrait photographer. Pfemfert occasionally wrote under the pseudonym U. Gaday (derived from Russian "ugadaj", dt: "guess").

In 1911 he married Alexandra Ramm, who had moved to Berlin from Russia and who was involved in Russian translations.

Pfemfert was involved in founding the Antinationalen Sozialisten-Partei (Antinational Socialist Party), originally a clandestine organisation founded in 1915. ''Die Aktion'' became its official organ following the German Revolution in November 1918.

He subsequently became close friends with Leon Trotsky, even though he maintained quite distinct political views.

After the Nazi seizure of power, Pfemfert fled to Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia. Here the Czech stalinists called for his deportation. Provided by Wikipedia

by Pfemfert, Franz
Published 1917
Verlag der Wochenschrift Die Aktion

by Pfemfert, Franz
Published 1916
Verlag der Wochenschrift Die Aktion