James Peggs

James Peggs (January 7, 1793 to January 5, 1850) . was the first missionary to be sent out by the English General Baptists Missionary Society in 1821. Peggs and William Bampton served in Cuttack, Orissa (present Odisha) in India.

Peggs was an English Baptist missionary and pamphleteer active in British India who played an influential role in the spread of Christianity on the subcontinent. Along with fellow General Baptist William Bampton, Peggs spent the majority of his career in India, preaching in Cuttack, Orissa to evangelize the local population. In his pamphlets, Peggs publicised the practise of Sati- then widespread in Bengal to gather support for further evangelical missionary work among the "pagan" Indian public. Peggs also circulated the Pilgrim tax levied on Idolaters going on pilgrimages.

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