Pierre Pansu

| birth_place = Lyon | death_date = | death_place = | nationality = | fields = Mathematics | workplaces = École Normale Supérieure
Université Paris-Sud 11 | alma_mater = École Normale Supérieure | doctoral_advisor = Marcel Berger | academic_advisors = Mikhail Gromov | doctoral_students = Cornelia Druţu  | known_for = | awards = }} Pierre Pansu (born 13 July 1959) is a French mathematician and a member of the Arthur Besse group and a close collaborator of Mikhail Gromov. He is a professor at the Université Paris-Sud 11 and the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. His main research field is geometry. His contribution to mathematics is being celebrated by a double event (a conference and a workshop) co-organized for his 60th birthday by the Clay Mathematics Institute.

Pierre Pansu is the grandson of French physician Félix Esclangon, and the great grand-nephew of mathematician and astronomer Ernest Esclangon, inventor of the talking clock, and brother of Robert Pansu, chemist and research director at CNRS. Provided by Wikipedia

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