Guido Panciroli

Guido Panciroli – Oil painting, an artist in the circle of [[Tintoretto]]<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Entourage de Jacopo ROBUSTI, dit le TINTORET, Portrait du jurisconculte Guido Panciroli, tableau |trans-title=Circle of Jacopo Robusti, also known as Tintoretto. Portrait of jurist Guido Panciroli, painting |website=Cerca Trova: Fine Art |access-date=2019-02-23}}</ref> Guido Panciroli or Pancirolli (17 April 1523 – 5 March 1599) was a sixteenth-century Italian antiquarian, historian, jurist and law professor at Ferrara, Padua and Turin. In his time he was renowned as a legal scholar, teaching students who came from all around Europe. Posthumously, he was well known for his innovative comparative survey, ''Rerum memorabilium, iam olim deperditarum'', that brought attention to the loss of knowledge since the ancient world. Provided by Wikipedia

by Panciroli, Guido
Published 1727
printed for A. Ward at the Kings-Arms in Little-Britain; and C. Davis in Halton-Garden