List of EastEnders characters (2002)

Jack Evans, played by the identical twins Samuel Timson and Joseph Timson, is the son of Barry and Natalie Evans (Shaun Williamson and Lucy Speed). He has a traumatic breech birth early in 2002. He is named after Natalie's younger brother. Jack initially lives with his parents, his grandfather Roy (Tony Caunter) and Roy's wife Pat (Pam St. Clement), but moves out of Albert Square in March 2003 following his parents' divorce and Roy's death. Barry is devoted to Jack and agonises over the fact that he cannot be a full-time father to him.

Barry dies early in 2004 and as he had just married Janine, she inherits Barry's estate. When Natalie suspects Janine is responsible for Barry's death, she leaves Walford for a new start with Jack. Before they leave, Natalie and Jack plant a tree on the Square in Barry's name. Jack's last appearance is in May 2004. Provided by Wikipedia

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