Matthew Michalewicz

Matthew Michalewicz (born 1976) is an entrepreneur and author with experience in the fields of technology, commercialization and supply chain management. He is the co-author of a number of books and publications, some of which have been adapted into courses on problem solving in colleges and universities. He is the co-founder of NuTech Solutions (founded in 1999), SolveIT Software (founded in 2004), and Complexica (founded in 2014), companies that he started with his father Zbigniew Michalewicz. In 2012, SolveIT Software Pty Ltd, was acquired by Schneider Electric.

Michalewicz is a speaker and has given keynote speeches for organizations on topics of personal motivation, success and entrepreneurship. He is also a fellow and/or a member of the board or advisor for organizations including the University of Adelaide. While the CEO of NuTech Solutions, he was appointed to the UNC-Charlotte’s Business Advisory Council for the Belk College of Business Administration. He has received awards including the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award and the 2011 SA Pearcey Entrepreneur Award. Provided by Wikipedia

by Michalewicz, Zbigniew, Schmidt, Martin, Michalewicz, Matthew, Chiriac, Constantin
Published 2006
Springer Berlin Heidelberg