Guillaume-Chrétien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes

([[Musée de la Révolution française]]) Guillaume-Chrétien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes (6 December 1721 – 23 April 1794), often referred to as Malesherbes or Lamoignon-Malesherbes, was a French statesman and minister in the ancien régime, and later counsel for the defense of Louis XVI. He is known for his vigorous criticism of royal abuses as President of the Cour des Aides and his role, as director of censorship, in the publication of the ''Encyclopédie''. Despite his committed monarchism, his writings contributed to the development of liberalism during the French Age of Enlightenment. Provided by Wikipedia



by Le Blan, Claude-Saintin
Published 1776
De l'Imprimerie royale
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